A YouTuber Fixes Joy-Con Drift Issue With a Piece of Cardboard

A YouTuber Fixes Joy-Con Drift Issue With a Piece of Cardboard
If you’re a Nintendo Switch person, you may need skilled or, at the least, heard of the Joy-Con drift challenge. It is a widespread manufacturing defect affecting the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. It causes the analog sticks of the controller to maneuver and enter instructions on their very own, with none exterior drive. It has been an unfixable challenge for customers and has plagued the neighborhood for a very long time. However, a YouTuber has apparently discovered a everlasting repair to the issue utilizing a bit of cardboard. So, let’s check out how the YouTuber fastened the difficulty, and why it occurs within the first place.

What Is the Joy-Con Drift Issue?

The Joy-Con drift challenge is actually an annoying {hardware} defect that causes the analog sticks to mechanically drift in a selected course, even when nobody is touching them. It has affected quite a few Switch and Switch Lite customers, and even the newly-announced Switch OLED will not be an exemption because it helps the earlier Joy-Con controllers.

We have seen customers complain in regards to the challenge for a very long time. In truth, a mother-son duo sued Nintendo for this challenge and demanded $5 million for providing clients defective controllers. Moreover, it’s value mentioning that, typically, even Nintendo doesn’t repair the difficulty in the event you ship the Joy-Cons for repairs. Instead, they ship a brand new pair of controllers to customers.

Why Does It Happen?

Now, coming to the rationale for the Joy-Con drift challenge, it was not identified till YouTuber VK’s Channel shared the repair together with the rationale why it occurs.

To discover the rationale for the difficulty, the YouTuber first used a calibration software to watch the drifting of the analog sticks. During his testing, he found that when an analog stick mechanically drifted in a selected course, making use of a bit strain to the controller fastened the analog stick.

A YouTuber Fixed the Infamous Joy-Con “Drift” Issue With a Piece of Cardboard
Image: VK’s Channel

Following this discovery, the YouTuber additionally found that it occurs as a result of poor design of the mechanism of the analog sticks. So, as per the YouTuber, the drift challenge is actually a results of the loosening of the steel clamp that holds the analog sticks. These steel clamps maintain the analog sticks in place. However, common utilization of the sticks loosens the steel clamp. This causes the analog sticks to then drift mechanically in a selected course because the steel clamp can not maintain them firmly of their positions.

Permanent Fix for Joy-Con Drift Issue

As for the repair, VK’s Channel used a easy technique to completely cease the analog sticks from drifting. He opened up an affected Joy-Con console to entry the internals. He then merely positioned a tiny piece of cardboard (roughly 1mm in width) contained in the console and re-assembled it. This tightened the controller and saved the strain to stop the analog persist with freely transfer.

You can try the 10-minute in-depth video proper under.

Permanently Fix Joy-Con Drift Issue With This Nifty Method

Now, coming to the credibility of the repair, most of the affected Switch customers have tried the strategy and have been profitable. As a outcome, the video has gone viral amongst the Switch neighborhood. While some customers hailed the YouTuber for developing with the repair to the age-old Joy-Con challenge, others mocked Nintendo for not addressing it for such a very long time.

So, in case you are a Switch proprietor and are at present dealing with the Joy-Con drift challenge along with your controllers, do check out this repair. However, be sure to watch out if you disassemble your affected Joy-Con console. If you’re not sure or wouldn’t have the technical experience, you may take assist from on-line teardown movies of the Joy-Con controller to repair the drift challenge.

Featured Image Courtesy: VK’s Channel (YouTube)

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