“AI Artists” Wrote Songs More Emotional than Adele or Johnny Cash

It is 2020 now and we live in a world wherein AI has taken up many roles like taking good care of our properties, aiding the army and driving automobiles and even ships. But an AI as a songwriter? Well, that appears far fetched. However, it’s true. An internet site named TickPick not too long ago got down to discover whether or not listeners can differentiate between songs written by an AI mannequin from that of a human.

The firm acquired 1000 music lyrics from the music lyrics platform, genius.com. They then categorised the songs into totally different genres like rap, pop, nation and rock and fed them into, what they’re calling “AI Artists” through the use of a text-generating AI model with GPU — the GPT-2.

Now, what the mannequin did was take all of the music lyrics into its database and created some new units of lyrics through the use of the songs. It produced 100 songs for each style. According to the crew, every “AI Artist” was skilled for 5-12 hours.

The crew then ran the AI-composed songs by way of Grammarly’s plagiarism checker to confirm if the mannequin was copying from the artists or not. After the verification, they included the songs in 4 totally different albums with six tracks in every of them.

Now, comes the enjoyable half. To examine whether or not music followers can spot a music composed by a machine or not, the crew invited 1,003 individuals to rank creativity, emotionality and favourability of the songs

So, in every of the class, the crew confirmed three songs written by artists like Adele and Johnny Cash and one music written by an “AI Artist”. After the survey, 40% of the listeners said that they had been extra emotionally affected by the AI’s lyrics than phrases written by skilled artists. That is insane, contemplating the “AI Artists” are newbies in music composition in comparison with the professionals.

This enjoyable experiment additionally revealed which particular genres are hardest for the “AI Artists” to grasp. As it turned out, individuals couldn’t spot the rock, pop and nation songs written by the AI, nevertheless, virtually 36% of the individuals recognised the rap songs composed by “Young AI” and will inform {that a} human didn’t write these lyrics.

You can take a look at the albums and the songs on TickPick’s official website.

Now, what can I say to conclude this? We reside in a loopy world the place there are “AI Artists” writing songs and drones strolling canine. Now, what’s subsequent? Robots giving delivery to infants?

Featured Image Courtesy: TickPick

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