All Resident Evil Tyrants Ranked

All Resident Evil Tyrants Ranked
Throughout its lengthy historical past, the Resident Evil franchise has terrified gamers with all method of freaks and monstrosities, nevertheless it’s exhausting to consider a single enemy kind that has left as a lot of a mark on the sequence because the bioweapons generally known as Tyrants. The T-002 served as the ultimate boss within the very first Resident Evil, and since then, many other forms of Tyrants have made appearances in a number of instalments. Soon, historical past will repeat itself, as Nemesis chases us throughout Raccoon City as soon as once more when Resident Evil 3 launches not lengthy from now. Here on this function, we’ll be rating all of the Tyrants which have appeared in Resident Evil video games over time from worst to greatest.

#13. T-091

re dead aim t-091

APPEARANCES: Resident Evil: Dead Aim

When the sequence’ lore itself tells you that the T-091 was, roughly, a failure, you may’t assist however agree. Created by Umbrella via an experiment that noticed them make a Tyrant with each, the t-Virus and the G-Virus, the T-091 turned out to be by no means what they have been anticipating. It didn’t produce a bio-electrical present, which they needed it to, and its coronary heart caught out its again, which made it rather more susceptible than another Tyrant mannequin. It did, nonetheless, have tentacles as an alternative of claws, which kind of set it aside in an attention-grabbing manner. Anyway, given the truth that Dead Aim was a lightweight gun shooter, battles towards the T-091 weren’t all that difficult, particularly given the truth that it had a reasonably apparent weak level.

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