Animal Crossing: New Horizons quality-of-life modifications we’d like to see

Animal Crossing: New Horizons quality-of-life changes we’d love to see

To play an Animal Crossing recreation, one wants a point of persistence. There are huge house loans and public works tasks to repay, day by day chores to grind by way of, and the interminable ready for a great villager, like Hamlet the proper jock hamster, to come back to my island. Seriously, the place is he?

But sure facets of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are testing our persistence, and there are some quality-of-life tweaks that would go an extended method to making the Nintendo Switch life sim much less tense. Nintendo has been aggressively updating the sport to repair bugs and tweak methods, so hopefully the sport maker will deal with a few of our larger issues sooner reasonably than later.

Here are just some issues we’d like to see smoothed out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Bulk crafting

Crafting DIY objects from recipes is a giant part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Nintendo has streamlined facets of the constructing course of, however there’s nonetheless room for enchancment. We’d love to have the ability to bulk craft sure objects, like fish bait, drugs, and home items. Anyone who struggled to catch a stringfish in March is aware of the ache of constructing fish bait, however typically you simply really feel like crafting a full set of chairs from all that extra wooden, y’know?

Alternatively, to deal with the fish bait scenario particularly, it positive could be good if manila clams stacked the identical method that seashells and fruit do. Or, simply let Tommy and Timmy promote us bait in bulk. When the tip of the month rolls round, and we’re all mass producing fish bait, let’s hope Nintendo has some type of answer for us.

Crafting objects from storage

I maintain plenty of constructing supplies, like wooden and iron nuggets, in my pockets, simply in case a device breaks and I must whip up a alternative. But I even have roughly 9,000 Bunny Day eggs sitting in storage proper now in anticipation of a mass crafting challenge for our thankless servant Zipper. The level is: It positive could be good if working at a DIY workbench would let gamers craft objects using the supplies in storage of their properties. Everyone desires to unencumber area of their pockets for tarantula searching, and this feature could be very nice to have.

A sooner Dodo Airlines expertise

Nintendo is a developer beloved for its capability to make enjoyable, extremely polished, and creative video video games. Nintendo is much less beloved for its capability to combine web connectivity and on-line multiplayer in its video video games. Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets gamers go to one another’s islands over the web, and the implementation of that function is so very Nintendo. Merely getting by way of the dialogue steps required to go to a pal by way of Dodo Code is among the larger ache factors in New Horizons, which is additional compounded by the precise touring course of that impacts all gamers on an island.

Twitter consumer Mehdi lately offered a attainable choice for streamlined Dodo Airlines dialogue (and bulk crafting, too!), which we like:

And look, we all know that Nintendo desires to be thoughtful of recent gamers and make the most of clear, easy-to-follow directions for enjoying its video games on-line. But as we play Animal Crossing video games for months, if not years, ultimately we’re all going to get much more impatient with this course of.

Of course, becoming a member of somebody’s island (or having somebody be part of your island) is a ache basically. Connecting takes a very long time, it successfully pauses the sport for all gamers any time somebody joins or leaves a session, and on-line play is simply finicky basically. That’s a much bigger concern, and one thing we hope Nintendo will ultimately streamline.

Tool sturdiness

Tools break in Animal Crossing: New Horizons — even gold ones. That’s … high quality. It’s Nintendo’s resolution and I’m positive it has its causes. What’s not so cool is the shock puff of smoke that alerts that your shovel, fishing rod, or ax has simply damaged, and it’s time to craft a alternative. What could be good is a few type of indicator or warning {that a} device is about to interrupt. Some gamers have advised sturdiness meters, which might current a attainable UI problem. Perhaps Animal Crossing: New Horizons may talk an impending device breakdown in different methods, both visually or aurally. All I do know is that Polygon’s personal commerce editor lately had her shovel break in the midst of whacking at a cash rock, depriving her of 1000’s of bells. That feels dangerous.

What else?

There are a dozen different little quirks and annoyances I may listing right here, and a few of my Polygon colleagues have advised tweaks to how we plant flowers, extra effectively buy clothes from the Able Sisters, and different text-skipping choices (a few of these butterfly-catching puns are already getting stale). But what else stands out to you? What would enhance your Animal Crossing: New Horizons high quality of life?

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