Anyone bothering on social media? How to remove twitter followers and without them knowing check steps

 Anyone bothering on social media?  How to remove twitter followers and without them knowing check steps
New Delhi. If you want to unfollow someone on the micro-blogging site Twitter and don’t want that contact to know that you have unfollowed them. So now doing this on Twitter has become very easy. Indeed, Twitter has now rolled out a new feature that gives users more control over which contacts can interact with them. This new feature of Twitter essentially allows users to ‘soft block’ their own followers.Right now the facility of soft block has come only for the web
Let us tell you that currently this facility of soft block is available to all the people using Twitter on the web. However, it is not yet clear when the availability of this feature will come on the app. To remove or say to remove a follower from your Twitter account, go to your profile and click on Followers. After this, click on the three dots appearing next to the name of the followers there and after that select ‘Remove this followers’.

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Will be able to follow you again in future
By doing this you can easily remove any of your followers from your followers list and he will not even know. However, according to Twitter, the follower you removed may follow you back in the future. After deleting a follower, that account holder won’t be able to see your Tweets in their timeline, but they will be able to send direct messages.

Why was there a need for a way to remove followers?
Now let us also know why there is a need for a way to remove followers. Indeed, the ability to remove followers is part of a larger effort by Twitter to not only overcome trolls, but also to allow users to better curate their own experience on the social media platform.

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If something is written wrong on Twitter, then the account will be blocked in 7 days
Let us tell you that a new security mode feature was started for the testers last month. This is an algorithm that identifies those accounts which are sending any kind of false information or abusive content to other users. Such accounts are being identified and blocked within 7 days.

Whereas now users can block any account that is harassing you online, which they want to block directly. Now you can also remove or soft block such people / followers.

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Doing so can help you figure out a way to create a safe and comfortable space for yourself. Where there will be no one to disturb you without any reason. Twitter’s soft block feature limits who can see your tweets in their feed.

Judging by the recent report of ‘The Wall Street Journal’ that Facebook is aware of the negative impact of Instagram on the mental health of teens. In such a situation, it should be emphasized that how social media platforms can better help their audience, not harm. In this episode, Twitter’s soft block feature, brought to remove followers, is considered a good step in the right direction.

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Follow these steps and remove follower:
1- To remove someone’s follower, you have to go to your Twitter profile.
2- After which you have to go to the followers and press on the three dot icon visible there.
3- Here you have to select ‘Remove this follower’. By doing this you will be able to remove it to the account holder, without even knowing it.


Remove follower on Twitter without anyone knowing

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