Apple iPhone 13 Mini: iPhone 13 Series: Is Buying iPhone 13 Mini Profitable? In these cases it is No.1 Choice – iphone 13 mini worth it or customers go for apple iphone 13 check out details

 Apple iPhone 13 Mini: iPhone 13 Series: Is Buying iPhone 13 Mini Profitable?  In these cases it is No.1 Choice - iphone 13 mini worth it or customers go for apple iphone 13 check out details
New Delhi. After two months of moderate usage, the iPhone 13 Mini seems to have a strong hold among the masses, but its compact dimensions affect its appeal and push you towards the iPhone 13. If I tell you about the review of this phone, every morning when I open my eyes, I feel happy to have the iPhone 13 mini by the side of the bed, as it keeps you updated with many important greetings, details and notifications. Is. It gives users updates of social media and morning news for the next one hour in the morning. You can say that from morning itself the iPhone diligently engages in its duty.
From what we are going to tell you, you can understand very well what is the iPhone 13 mini? Its compact size, which acts as both a boon and a curse.

So you can say that the iPhone 13 mini is not the best iPhone sold by Apple and it reflects that in many ways. Talking about the last two months, this iPhone has not been able to convince me to compare it with neither the iPhone 13 nor the previous generation iPhone 12.

Starting at Rs 69,900, the iPhone 13 Mini is still the most affordable iPhone 13 variant that you can buy. But should you buy it? This is a very important and big question. So after 2 months we are sharing the experience of using it with you.

What is the best case for iPhone 13 Mini?
Let us now know what are those points, where the iPhone 13 mini is good, that is, what are its positive points? With the iPhone 13 mini, ironically, the biggest feature is its compact size. You buy the iPhone Mini for its handy dimensions.

In a world where phones are getting increasingly heavy/bulky and big, the Mini is much more comfortable to hold in the hands. Despite the sharp boxy edges, it doesn’t hurt the palms like the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Every day for the past 2 months, I am able to use it alone, reaching all the corners of the display with my thumb. Its small size is also a boon for it somewhere. There are times when you do feel comfortable whenever you put the phone in the pocket, but it doesn’t awkwardly stick in the pocket, or pull down from the pocket, say.

– Despite its small size, the iPhone 13 Mini has a great display to deliver a good viewing experience. So it is not that the size of the phone is small, so you will see everything smaller than its display. Everything on the display of the Mini is quite white, colourful, contrasty and looks good.

The A15 Bionic chip gives the Mini all the power of the bigger iPhones in terms of RAW performance. Basic tasks like browsing social media or scrolling through emails aren’t a big deal for the Mini.

However, iOS 15 doesn’t have enough room to play and hence, the homescreen can sometimes look cramped with all its icons. That said, it works as advertised at all times, just like what an iPhone is expected to be. It can also play games, although due to the small display, games like PUBG New State can be small and make it difficult to identify the enemy.

– The cameras on the iPhone 13 Mini match the quality of the Pro Max in most situations except in low light/night photography. Many of my morning photos of the urban landscape of Delhi NCR and weekend visits with friends come from the cameras of the iPhone 13 Mini. In fact, I’ve been questioning my choice of carrying the Pro Max for photography most of the time.

Talking about its battery life, Yes, you can say the plus point of the mini iPhone is its battery. On a full charge, the iPhone 13 Mini can comfortably last up to two days. On its full charge, you can comfortably do many things including photogrammy, music streaming, calls, viewing photos throughout the day. Overall, you do not need to worry about the battery at all.

By fully charging it, you can be sure to go for a walk anywhere. Even on some busy office days where it served as my main, the phone ended the day with 35-40 percent balance. This is an easy all day phone.

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