apple sues cyber company nso group over spying on iphone users

iPhone यूजर्स की जासूसी कर रहा है NSO ! Apple ने इजरायली कंपनी पर ठोक दिया मुकदमा

An Israeli cyber company NSO was breaking into the phones of iPhone users in the US. After this, Apple has sued NSO, showing strictness.

New Delhi. Smartphones have made everything easy for us today. This is the reason why it has become an important part of our life. Along with the convenience of smartphones, sometimes due to our carelessness, it makes us the target of cyber attackers. These cyber thugs keep an eye on the banking activity of the user as well as use social media profiles for spying and fraud. Now a case of spying of iPhone users has come to the fore in America.

Apple sues NSO
According to the information, an Israeli cyber company was breaking into the phones of iPhone users in America. Apple users got upset when the information came out in this regard, while there has been a stir in the company as well. It was told that the Israeli cyber company NSO was spying on iPhone users. Taking this matter seriously, Apple has also sued Israel’s cyber company NSO.

Apple is demanding to ban NSO
In this regard, Apple says that the NSO Group has spied on its iPhone users. These are violations of the privacy of the users, which cannot be accepted at any cost. In such a situation, Apple has demanded in the court that the Israeli cyber company NSO should be banned. The company demands that the NSO group should be banned so that this group cannot break into the user’s data by using our software, services and devices.

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Apple alleges that NSO has tried to break into the data of 1.65 billion users through Pegasus, which includes more than a billion iPhone users. However, NSO has denied all the allegations made by Apple. NSO Group says that our software is used to curb terrorism and crime and not for any kind of espionage.

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