best portable cooler: fit along with laptop on desk

best portable cooler: fit along with laptop on desk
New Delhi. The demand for coolers and ACs increases rapidly during the summer season. This is the reason why the price of coolers also starts increasing rapidly in summer. Today we have brought one such air cooler for you, whose price is very low and the design is also different. This air cooler is also the best in throwing air. Also, its price is also very low, so let us first discuss the price and features of this air cooler.Mini Air Desktop Refrigerated Cooler can also be purchased online. Right now this air cooler can be bought with a discount. After the discount, you can buy this air cooler for Rs 479. It looks very attractive to see. Also, three color options are also available in it. You can buy Mini Cooler in White, Green and Pink colours.

How does it work?

A 200 ml tank is also available with the Air Cooler. Adds moisture to the air in case of excessive heat. Due to this the air becomes very cold. It has a very unique compact design. It can be fitted on work desk and bed. It keeps the temperature under control and also proves to be very good for better sleep. It looks great even when kept in the room. This is a must have cooler for summers.

How to clean-

It also gets dirty after running for a while. It can also be cleaned easily. Take off its curtains and keep them in the fridge for some time. Also a brush can be used for cleaning. You can also spray on the curtains. This makes the air very nice. Keep in mind, no oil or other stuff of any kind is to be poured on its curtain. Cleaning the water tank is also very important.

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