Bloodhunt is an upcoming Vampire: the Masquerade battle royale

Bloodhunt is an upcoming Vampire: the Masquerade battle royale

Developer Sharkmob is creating a brand new sport within the Vampire: the Masquerade universe, however it’s a far cry from the dialogue-heavy RPGs which can be frequent to the franchise. Instead, that is an action-packed battle royale sport with swords, shotguns, and sniper rifles. At the Summer Game Fest on Thursday, Sharkmob confirmed off the sport in additional element. The title was initially teased in fall 2020, however it lastly has a reputation: Bloodhunt.

We noticed some in-engine alpha footage of city environments, together with graveyards and nightclubs. The trailer additionally confirmed vampires from completely different clans, like Brujah and Nosferatu vampires on the street. Players will get to select their clan, which is able to decide their playstyle. It additionally seems to be as if civilians issue into this sport in a major manner, and vampires could possibly feed on them for a little bit enhance.

There’s an array of how to go about, properly, the battle on this battle royale. Some characters depend on weapons and explosives, whereas others increase their gunplay with highly effective supernatural skills like blinking by means of area or placing up blinding shields of sunshine.

Bloodhunt is about to be launched on PC in 2021. Players can join a closed alpha test on the game’s official website.

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