Breaking down Destiny 2’s new Stasis subclasses

Breaking down Destiny 2’s new Stasis subclasses

At Gamescom’s Opening Night Light, Bungie unveiled one other have a look at Stasis, the upcoming new powers in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The new trailer gave us a have a look at just a few new skills, in addition to the names for the brand new subclasses. But a recent update on Bungie’s website previews extra of the brand new options, and reveal dates for every Stasis subclass.

There’s a brand new Stasis Field capability, which seems to return from a grenade. The Stasis Field is a big winter storm consuming an space. Based on the trailer, targets inside the sector seem to freeze over time, and probably take harm. When enemies freeze, they appear fully unable to maneuver. Damaging enemies with sure strikes appears to “shatter” them, dealing further harm and inflicting an explosion within the space.

The Shadebinder Warlock wields a employees of ice and seems to have two main skills: a freeze assault and a shatter assault. (This is a standard theme for Stasis.) We see the Warlock hearth a bolt of ice at a gaggle of Vex, after which use some form of burst capability to shatter them into 1,000 items.

We additionally see the Warlock throw a Stasis Field throughout a Crucible match. The discipline slows the Hunter inside, the Warlock blasts them with their Super to freeze them immediately, and swaps to a sniper rifle. The sniper then seems to shatter the frozen Hunter in a single shot, regardless of the Warlock solely aiming for the physique.

Beyond Light Revenant Hunter in action

The Hunter prepares to hurl their axes on the Dreg
Image: Bungie

The Revenant Hunter seems to work very equally to the Blade Barrage capability — as seen in some B-roll from Bungie, the place the sport refers back to the Super as Silence and Squall. The Hunter leaps into the air with their two axes, hurls one after which the opposite right into a crowd, and the group explodes into frozen chunks of ice. In the trailer, the explosion seems to go away behind an ice twister, which freezes a close-by Minotaur.

We then see one other Stasis Field grenade — this time from a Hunter — which lands on a gaggle of Crucible enemies. The enemies kill one of many Hunter’s allies, however they seem to freeze after standing within the Stasis Field for too lengthy. The Hunter then makes use of their melee override glaive throw, bouncing it off a wall and into the enemies, shattering them each.

Finally, we get a have a look at the Behemoth Titan, who creates an icy glove over their fist. In the B-roll for this Super (referred to as Glacial Quake), the Titan runs round smashing the bottom and freezing close by enemies. The alternate assault sees the Titan punch a goal with their frozen fist, shattering any enemies they hit. This is one other roaming Super for the Titan.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Frozen vandal

A very frozen Vandal, able to be shattered
Image: Bungie

The remainder of the trailer exhibits some trendy strikes, a few of which we’ve seen earlier than. We see the Hunter stabbing their ice axe into the bottom, shattering close by enemies, and Titan’s sliding into frozen foes to shatter them. We additionally get a brand new have a look at a Warlock perk, which immediately freezes close by enemies when the Warlock casts their Rift.

In one of many remaining pictures, we see a Titan freeze a gaggle of Crucible enemies after which a Warlock diving in to shatter them. This confirms that Stasis skills play off of each other, giving gamers incentive to run greater than one after the other.

The Bungie B-roll revealed one further tidbit contained in the gameplay. When gamers forged their Super and kill enemies, they not generate Orbs of Light — the forex that permits allies to regain their Supers quicker. Instead, they generate Orbs of Power. With the Stasis powers coming explicitly from The Darkness, it appears they’re incapable of producing Light power. We’ll possible study extra about this when Bungie launches Beyond Light, and we learn the way Guardians purchase these new Darkness powers.

Bungie will additional reveal the subclasses over the following two weeks, with a brand new class each few days:

  • Warlock Shadebinder on Sept. 1
  • Titan Behemoth on Sept. 3
  • Hunter Revenant on Sept. 8

Bungie will launch Destiny 2: Beyond Light on Nov. 10 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Next-gen variations of the sport will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this 12 months.

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