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Call of Duty: Mobile to soon get a new map called Meltdown

The developers have teased to the new map on Twitter and players have correctly identified it as Meltdown
The map was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Players will soon get a new assault rifle called the KN-44 as well
Call of Duty: Mobile players will soon get a new map to play on. The developers have teased the new map on Twitter and it has been correctly identified as Meltdown by players. Meltdown is a multiplayer map that was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map sees players fight it out in a nuclear powerplant and is said to encourage medium to close range engagements. 

Besides a new map, the developers will also add a new weapon to the game, namely an assault rifle called the KN-44. The rifle is said to offer a slow rate of fire but makes up for it by offering high damage. The weapon should be available from next week onwards and players will be able to acquire the weapon in two ways. They can either pay for it via the Color Spectrum Draw, which would offer a legendary version of the KN-44 called Color Spectrum. Players will also be able to grind their way to the gun via the Heavy Shot event which would task players to play various modes, get kills in MP matches and more. 

By mid-March, players will also be able to try a new class in Battle Royale, called Trap Master. Details about the abilities of the new class are scarce, but judging by the name, players will most likely be able to set traps for opposing players, which might make it appealing for those who prefer stealth and tactics over straight-up firefights. It might also make for a good support class to have in a squad.  


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