Call of Duty now permits you to kill folks with a crow

Call of Duty now lets you kill people with a crow

If you’ve ever needed to take someone out by telling a crow to scratch at their face, now you can do precisely that in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

As a part of the season 5 replace, gamers will be capable of use the “Nevermore” execution, which launches a crow on the enemy participant. The crow then scratches the ever-loving hell out of the enemy’s face. Dope!

A crow flies up and takes a Call of Duty to the floor as it scratches his face

Image: Activision by way of Polygon

If you’re itching for the pleasant chook companion, you’ll have to purchase the cross for 1,000 COD Points, which is rather less than $10. After shopping for the cross, you’ll be capable of unlock the execution simply from enjoying video games and incomes progress. The transfer unlocks at tier 20 and can be utilized by any operators.

To carry out an execution, you’ll must sneak up in your opponent and use a melee assault on them from behind.

The season 5 replace, which launched Wednesday, additionally added a brand new operator named Lerch, in addition to a plethora of modifications for the battle royale Warzone sport mode.

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