delete these 17 dangerous apps from your phone right now know full list – beware! Delete these 17 dangerous apps from your phone immediately, check the complete list

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If you’ve downloaded Android apps from the Google Play Store during the past few weeks that you found fun, then you need to be careful. Researchers have released a new list of Android apps that are using malicious titles to steal user data and money. If these apps are also present in your smartphone, then delete them immediately. Most of these apps have already been officially removed from the Play Store. PhoneArena has made this list public in its report.

Let us tell you about these malicious Android apps…

  1. Document Manager
  2. Coin track loan – online loan
  3. Cool Caller Screen
  4. PSD Auth Protector
  5. RGB Emoji Keyboard
  6. Camera Translator Pro
  7. Fast PDF Scanner
  8. Air Balloon Wallpaper
  9. Colorful Messenger
  10. Thug Photo Editor
  11. Anime Wallpaper
  12. Peace SMS
  13. Happy Photo Collage
  14. Original Messenger
  15. Pellet Messages
  16. Smart Keyboard
  17. Special Photo Editor
  18. 4K Wallpapers

Ways to avoid malicious app
There is no straight forward way to always keep such malicious apps and malware out of your Android phone. But you can adopt some tips to reduce the risk.

  1. Try and download apps only from trusted sources like Google Play Store.
  2. Delete any app that is suggested by cybersecurity experts or that you find even the slightest malicious.
  3. Before downloading an app, please read the average user rating score and some user reviews.

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