Destiny 2: Get the Heir Apparent Exotic for Guardian Games 2020 information

Destiny 2: Get the Heir Apparent Exotic for Guardian Games 2020 guide

The Guardian Games is Destiny 2’s newest vacation custom. The three participant courses should come collectively and compete to see which class is the hottest greatest. Every day, Guardians can compete for medals by finishing numerous actions, after which use these medals to vote for his or her favourite Destiny class. Guardian Games 2020 runs from April 21 to May 11.

By competing within the occasion, gamers can earn 4 main, Exotic rewards from Eva: a ghost shell based mostly on every of the three courses, and the brand new Heir Apparent heavy machine gun. The group with essentially the most medals by the tip of the occasion may even get a gold class merchandise for the remainder of the 12 months, whereas the opposite two courses will probably be caught with silver and bronze class objects.

Here’s tips on how to accumulate medals to make sure your favourite class wins, and full Triumphs to choose up the Heir Apparent.

Earning medals and laurels

Guardian Games 2020

Complete medals to advance your class standing
Image: Bungie by way of Polygon

Each day, Eva has seven medal quests so that you can decide up, every centered on an exercise. For the primary day, Eva supplied a bronze, silver, and gold medal quests for each Strikes and Crucible. She additionally supplied a single gold medal for delivering bounties.

To earn the medals, you have to full the hunt related to them. This often includes killing a sure variety of enemies or selecting up laurels.

You want laurels for a number of totally different quests, particularly the Exotic ghost quest Eva provides every week, On Your Laurels. Laurels drop everytime you or a close-by ally kills an enemy with a capability — Super, melee (charged solely), or grenade.

The laurels drop by class, which means Titans will drop crimson laurels, Hunters blue laurels, and Warlocks yellow laurels. Picking up a laurel that matches your class sort — together with your individual — nets you three factors. Another class’ laurels internet you just one level.

When you full a medal quest, head again to the tower to deposit the medal into the enormous Guardian Games depository in the course of the Tower. As you flip in additional medals, your class standing will rise within the Guardian Games. You’ll additionally work towards some key Guardian Games Triumphs, which you want for …

The Heir Apparent

Complete the Class Act Triumph to earn the correct to purchase the Heir Apparent from Eva
Image: Bungie by way of Polygon

The new Heir Apparent machine gun is simply sitting in Eva’s stock within the Tower. But she received’t let you could have your new Exotic till you full the Class Act Triumph.

To full Class Act, you want you to finish seven Guardian Games Triumphs. These Triumphs are all very time consuming, which implies the Heir Apparent will take you some severe time over the subsequent few weeks.

Here’s the entire checklist of Guardian Games Triumphs. We suggest selecting seven that suit your playstyle and going after them particularly, if you wish to decide up the Heir Apparent as quick as potential:

  • Star Athlete — full all Triumphs for the Guardian Games 2020 (11 whole)
  • Class Act — full any seven Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs
  • Renowned — in the course of the Guardian Games 2020, earn factors by gathering laurels from Super, grenade, and charged melee ultimate blows
  • Great Deeds — in the course of the Guardian Games 2020, accumulate laurels in Gambit matches, Strikes, Forges, and on locations
  • Gold Medalist — During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem gold medals (30 whole)
  • Medalist — During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem any medals (75 whole)
  • Show your Colors — During the Guardian Games 2020, earn factors by finishing Guardian Game bounties
  • Represent — During the Guardian Games 2020, defeat combatants with skills in Vanguard Strikes and Nightfalls
  • Quintuple Threat — During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem a gold medal for Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, locations, and Forges
  • World Class — During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem Forge or vacation spot medals
  • Guardian Gamble — During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem Gambit medals
  • Embrace the Light — During the Guardian Games 2020, defeat Guardians with Supers within the Rumble playlist

Once you’ve accomplished Class Act, you should buy the Heir Apparent from Eva for 25,000 Glimmer.

Guardian Games 2020 Heir Apparent

The Heir Apparent Exotic machine gun
Image: Bungie by way of Polygon

The Heir Apparent is an Exotic, Solar machine gun and has two notable perks. The first is Heavy Slug Thrower, which restricts you from firing the weapon till it’s totally spun up. You can maintain the intention button to spin up the weapon previous to firing. The second notable perk is Armor of the Colossus, which generates a strong Arc defend round you when you’re firing the weapon with full well being.

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