Destiny 2: Signal Intercepted Matt Helsom quest information

Destiny 2: Signal Intercepted Matt Helsom quest guide

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Bungie launched a brand new quest to honor the memory of a fallen co-worker from Vicarious Visions — Bungie’s companion studio when it was nonetheless working with Activision. Matt Helsom’s quest doesn’t seem in your stock, however it’ll internet you an Exotic Cypher if you’ll find his work station on Mars.

To discover Helsom’s work station, land on Mars and make your manner towards the Mindlab — north of the Braytech Futurescape touchdown zone. Follow the trail till you attain the small laptop room with a ton of Thrall. Defeat them and crawl by means of the tube towards the Mindlab correct on the map.

The work station seems to be like this!
Image: Bungie through Polygon

Immediately after you get out of the tube, flip proper. If you attain the darkish room with the Warsats, you’ve gone too far.

There’s a brand new door open, and inside is slightly work station with a glass of water, a sticky word that claims “Hot Dog!,” and a crimson keyboard. When you stroll by means of the door, you’ll get an examine immediate. This could be kinda finicky, particularly if you happen to’re in a gaggle. Orient your self till you discover it. Investigate after which return to Ana — there is no such thing as a dialogue or particular sound.

Bungie loving, in-universe memorial for Helsom
Image: Bungie through Polygon

Ana will provide you with a pleasant message and give you an Exotic Cypher, a brand new materials you should use to get outdated Exotics you’ve missed from the Cryptarch or get a second Exotic from Xur in a given week. Note you can solely have one Cypher per account. Once you settle for the Cypher, you’ve completed the hunt, and helped Bungie honor the reminiscence of Matt Helsom.

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