Destiny 2’s latest Exotic goes in numerous weapon slot than anticipated

Destiny 2’s newest Exotic goes in different weapon slot than expected

Bungie added its first actual Stasis weapon with Tuesday’s Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer replace. After the Beyond Light enlargement added the sport’s first Darkness component, Stasis, the brand new Cryosthesia 77Okay is the primary sidearm and non-Power weapon to deal ice harm. Being the primary of something this far into Destiny 2 life is already fascinating, however Cryosthesia 77Okay suits into the Kinetic weapon slot, one thing weapons with elemental affinities haven’t accomplished because the authentic Destiny.

Since Bungie shifted Destiny 2’s weapon slots in its Forsaken enlargement, gamers have had three weapon sorts geared up to their Guardians. Power weapons use restricted; Heavy ammo to deal tons of injury. Energy weapons can use both main (quite common) or secondary (much less frequent and restricted in PvP) ammo relying on their weapon kind, have elemental affinities like Solar or Arc, and deal bonus harm to shields. Finally, Kinetic weapons go within the Guardian’s high spot, work equally to Energy weapons relating to ammo, and deal a bit extra harm than Energy weapon in change for having no elemental affinity.

The weapon selection screen in Destiny 2

Normally, the slots from high to backside are: Kinetic, Energy, Power. But with Cryosthesia 77Okay, we’re utilizing a Stasis, Arc, and Solar weapon unexpectedly
Image: Bungie by way of Polygon

While there are perks like Osmosis that quickly imbue a Kinetic weapon’s energy with elemental power, there aren’t any weapons with fixed elemental harm within the Kinetic slot. Or there weren’t, earlier than Cryosthesia 77Okay. Being the sport’s first Stasis weapon — outdoors of the Salvation’s Grip drum-fed grenade launcher from Beyond Light, which lives within the Power slot — it’s placement as a Kinetic weapon is critical.

With Bungie confirming Legendary Stasis weapons coming in season 15 this fall, it begs the query, “will all Stasis weapons will appear in the Kinetic slot?” With one other Darkness subclass and component possible coming in Destiny 2’s subsequent enlargement, The Witch Queen, one begins to surprise if parts of that new kind may even seem within the Kinetic slot.

Bungie has already damaged up the subclass bushes into Light powers — the standard Arc, Solar, and Void parts — and Darkness powers, which at present solely comprises Stasis. As Bungie provides extra parts, and extra enemies with elemental shields, gamers will want extra instruments at their disposal to cope with them — matching an enemy’s elemental defend with an identical weapon offers bonus harm and is sort of a requirement for many high-level actions.

Kinetic Exotic collection in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Cryosthesia 77Okay is the one Kinetic Exotic with elemental harm
Image: Bungie by way of Polygon

The Cryosthesia 77Okay’s distinctive placement appears to recommend a bigger shift for Destiny 2 weapon slots going ahead. Instead of Kinetic, Energy, and Power, perhaps subsequent yr we’ll have Darkness, Light, and Power — with Power weapons containing each kinds of elemental weapons.

This change will surely give fight much more of a puzzle-like really feel, with Guardians needing to intently talk with their allies to coordinate their weapon loadouts. Having elemental harm in all three slots harkens again to the unique Destiny, the place weapons like the original Fatebringer dealt Arc harm within the main weapon slot — Bungie later eliminated this outdoors of Exotic weapons.

Bungie stated it will provide extra particulars round Stasis Legendary weapons later this yr. With us already a couple of days into season 14, Bungie might verify this new Darkness slot quickly. Of course there’s all the time the off probability that Cryosthesia 77Okay is simply an odd duck that sits within the Kinetic slot for a singular purpose, however with none particular perk calling that out, it seems like Destiny’s weapon system could also be taking a darkish flip.

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