Facebook Gives Relaxation In Rules To Verified Account User – Big Reveal! Facebook gives relaxation in rules to ‘naamwalas’

बड़ा खुलासा!

The program, called ‘CrossCheck’, exempts the millions of ‘big people’ who use Facebook from rules that are strictly enforced on the general public.

New Delhi. As part of a program started for quality control, Facebook has exempted many big personalities from its rules. According to the report of the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, this program named ‘CrossCheck’ exempts millions of ‘old people’ who use Facebook from rules that are strictly enforced on ordinary people.

The Wall Street Journal says that some users have been placed on the ‘white list’. They are exempted from following the rules. In some cases, controversial material is not reviewed at all. An independent board has been set up on what should be posted on Facebook. Facebook has assured that board that there is no double policy regarding content moderation. But if the claims made in the Wall Street Journal report are true, then Facebook’s trust will be proved wrong.

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Board spokesman John Taylor said that the board has expressed concern several times about the lack of transparency in Facebook’s content moderation process. Especially regarding company policy regarding accounts of celebrities.

Famous player posted obscene pictures
The report also cites the posts of some famous people. Footballer Neymar’s post contained obscene pictures of a woman. Facebook later removed the post. According to the report, many times baseless information was shared from the accounts kept in the ‘white list’. Like Hillary Clinton runs a gang of child sex abuse or the then US President Donald Trump called refugees animals.

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Facebook clarified
Facebook spokesman Andy Stone defended the program ‘CrossCheck’ on Twitter. He tweeted and wrote that there are no two systems of justice. This is an attempt to create a protective shield against mistakes. We know that our practice is not perfect. There is an ups and downs in speed and accuracy.

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