God of War: B is For Boy is an ABCs storybook adaptation of the PS4 unique

God of War: B is For Boy is an ABCs storybook adaptation of the PS4 exclusive

The story of 2018’s God of War is being retold in lovable storybook type with God of War: B is For Boy, a forthcoming adaptation that transforms the PlayStation 4 action-adventure right into a method to study your ABCs. Unlike Kratos and Atreus’ online game journey, God of War: B is For Boy is usually protected for teenagers — there don’t look like any beheadings or seen gore, however there may be some barely salty language.

God of War: B is For Boy will probably be revealed by Insight Editions — writer of issues like official cookbooks for Fallout and Overwatch — and will probably be launched on Sept. 1.

The “ABC storybook for adults” is the work of younger grownup writer Andrea Robinson and illustrator Romina Tempest. The pair collaborated with Sony’s Santa Monica Studio on the ebook, which retails for $16.99. The storybook is available for pre-order.

An illustration of Kratos and Atreus playing in God of War: B is For Boy

Image: Insight Editions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

In an electronic mail interview with Polygon, Tempest known as God of War: B is For Boy “an abridged version” of the 2018 recreation’s story, including “a few familiar items and characters into the environments to allude to other aspects of the tale.” It shouldn’t be meant to be a complete adaptation of God of War, a 20 to 30-hour recreation, given its 26-letter limitations.

“My main focus was to try and recreate the same father and son relationship between Kratos and Atreus through their expressions and body language,” Tempest stated. “Kratos has a very different personality in this game, so we needed to avoid the more belligerent facial expressions that are reminiscent of his younger self.”

Tempest stated that the cartoonish B is For Boy is kid-friendly “for the most part,” however that “You may have to cover your kid’s eyes in one or two places to guarantee a completely kid-friendly experience.”

Image: Insight Editions/Sony Interactive Entertainment

“My art tends to lean towards a more lighthearted and cartoony style, which I do love to juxtapose with more adult-oriented themes,” Tempest stated. “Although gory, the game’s story doesn’t tend to center on that, but instead focuses on the relationship between a father and son (with the gore amplifying the graveness of the tale). The presence of Atreus introduces a sense of innocence that wasn’t present in the original games. I think the light-hearted art style helps to complement that innocence, but contrasts well with the darker moments.”

You can watch a teaser trailer for God of War: B is For Boy by way of Insight Editions’ Twitter:

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