Hatsune Miku’s Nintendo Switch debut is the best Vocaloid sport

Hatsune Miku’s Nintendo Switch debut is the ideal Vocaloid game

If you’ve ever been interested by Hatsune Miku, I’ve discovered the right entry level.

You in all probability know just a little concerning the Vocaloid, a pc created pop singer that skyrocketed to fame in Japan in 2008, and has since unfold the world over. But it’s much less doubtless you already know the specifics, as a result of regardless of the worldwide fandom, Miku hasn’t all the time been straightforward to take pleasure in within the US.

When I used to be a teen, an early Miku sport, Project Diva, got here out for the PlayStation Portable, nevertheless it by no means made its approach stateside. Determined to play it, my buddy and I have been hell-bent on making a pandora battery for my PSP, so I might … root my PSP, permitting it to play no matter video games I downloaded from the web. Eventually our efforts have been thwarted by my strict dad and mom, who didn’t need me to mess with electronics. My dream of proudly owning a Miku sport was crushed.

These days, anyone can take pleasure in Miku video games with out probably breaking costly online game {hardware}. The pop star has had a number of video games come stateside. I’ve dabbled in a couple of of them, however none are as welcoming as Project Diva: Megamix for Nintendo Switch.

The sport is just about a simplified port of the PlayStation 4 and arcade sport, Project Diva: Future Tone. The graphics are simplified a bit and a few new songs have been added, reminiscent of considered one of her newer bangers, “Sand Planet.”

The controls are easy sufficient. Icons fly throughout the display and you need to press their corresponding buttons in time with the music. The controls work properly with the Joy-Cons in handheld mode, however oddly when utilizing a Pro Controller — the buttons really feel clunky. My scores in handheld stay approach larger than my scores from my TV, even after twiddling with delay and timing settings.

The “Mix Mode,” which was made particularly for the Nintendo Switch, has potential. While holding the Joy-Cons upright together with your thumb on the shoulder triggers, you need to rotate the controllers and press the triggers on the proper time to hit the incoming notes. The motion-based controls remind me of the enjoyable and distinctive rhythm video games that contain motion that I’d discover in a specialty arcade, however the controls aren’t carried out properly sufficient, making it really feel just a little unreliable. I’m positive in time I might determine one of the best ways to carry the controllers to excel, however I’d relatively keep on with the traditional gameplay anyway.

Megamix has turn out to be a private staple for me to play when I’ve moments of downtime. While I watch for my Final Fantasy 14 dungeon queues to pop, I’ll boot up and play a music or two. I might simply see this as one thing I do whereas I watch for my buddies to satisfy me at a restaurant or as I’m chilling in line at an anime conference. It’s the right sport to have downloaded in your Switch for bites of Vocaloid jams right here and there.

Most Vocaloid followers have in all probability already picked up Megamix, however if you wish to perceive the hype surrounding the music synthesizer program, it is best to seize it. After you hear the catchy songs and see all the lovable designs, then you possibly can dive into the live shows, the artwork reveals, and the enduring imagery.

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