Hellish Quart will be the subsequent Bushido Blade successor

Hellish Quart may be the next Bushido Blade successor

For the primary time in years, old-school Bushido Blade followers have a glimmer of hope to latch onto: Hellish Quart. Hellish Quart is a brand new sword dueling recreation coming to Steam Early Access, and it’s extremely paying homage to the beloved PlayStation combating recreation.

On its Steam Early Access web page, developer Kubold describes Hellish Quart as a sword dueling recreation set within the 17th century that includes totally different warriors from the time interval.

Much like Bushido Blade, Hellish Quart emphasizes one-shot kills. In the trailer above, one wayward reduce is commonly sufficient harm to deal the killing blow. Bushido Blade had an identical mechanic again in 1997, the place gamers might kill with a single slash of their sword. Players cherished Bushido Blade for its distinctive, quirky swordplay, and Hellish Quint’s trailer evokes that very same signature gameplay and magnificence.

According to its Steam web page, Hellish Quint makes use of “active ragdolls” and applies actual time physics to find out sword harm. Players will use the 4 totally different face buttons on a gamepad to find out their assault angle — with button combos producing particular strikes.

The Steam web page additionally talks up Hellish Quint’s historic accuracy, with 3D scanned garments primarily based on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Players can use a number of totally different sorts of warriors in battle, together with Polish Hussars, Tatars, Swedish Reiters, and French Musketeers, amongst others.

Hellish Quart will come to Steam Early Access, however the particular launch date stays unannounced.

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