how indians select best smartphone: how indian users select best smartphone options and what are popular smartphone brands according to amazon india mobile survey

how indians select best smartphone: how indian users select best smartphone options and what are popular smartphone brands according to amazon india mobile survey


  • Samsung is the first choice of users
  • Revealed in Amazon India Mobile Survey
  • Dhoom in the mid-range segment

New Delhi. The Indian market is huge, due to which every company makes all kinds and every range of products for the users here. According to the needs of the middle class and lower middle class, every company definitely brings out a mid range of each of its products. The same applies to the smartphone business as well. Every smartphone manufacturing company launches almost every range of mobiles every day, due to which users also get a lot of options.

Keeping this in mind, Amazon India Mobile survey has been done. According to this survey, Indian consumers buy smartphones priced between 15 to 25 thousand. The range of 15 to 25 thousand is called mid range and this range is very popular among Indian users. Mid-range smartphone is the first choice of around 37% of Indians.Booking train tickets online has become even easier, now tickets will be booked in Hindi too, know how

Popular Smartphone Brands:

India is a huge market for smartphones, where all the brands, both domestic and foreign, launch their smartphones. There is a huge market here for all the brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia, due to which Indian users also have options for almost every price range. The most liked brands in India are – Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus. Out of all these options, Samsung is the first choice of about 24% of Indians. Next come Xiaomi and OnePlus in the race for popularity. After this, the list of preferred smartphones includes Redmi Note 10 Series, OnePlus Nord Series (Nord 2, Nord CE), OnePlus 9 Series and Samsung M21 and other Galaxy M series.

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Things to keep in mind while choosing a smartphone:

Indian users take good care of both their needs and pockets. Indian users know very well that hobbies should be fulfilled and hobbies should not be heavy on the pocket. While choosing a phone, users take special care of the phone’s display quality, battery capacity, performance and camera quality. Due to the increasing trend of watching videos on smartphones, playing games and video calls in lockdown, users are now paying a lot of attention to the display and resolution. Nowadays, LCD, AMOLED and resolution HD +, FHD +, QHD + are considered in the display.

5G achieved a lot of success in India and now there are discussions about 5G testing, so the trend of users has also turned towards 5G smartphones. Around 54% of Indians now aspire to buy a 5G phone and around 46% of Indians want 5000mAh and 6000mAh battery options for their phones. During the last festival season, around 96% people bought smartphones with AMOLED displays. About 66% people want to buy a phone with FHD + resolution display and also about 61% people see 120Hz refresh rate in the smartphone.

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With the improvement in technology every other day, the company launches new models with new features. In such a situation, Indian users look for ways in which they can get smartphones with the latest technology without spending much. For this, instead of buying new phones every time they look for discount offers or exchange offers, some users have started taking the options of no-cost EMI. Around 31% of the people who buy the smartphone after looking at the instant discount offer, 21% prefer to buy the smartphone on the exchange offer and 20% on the no-cost EMI.

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