How Katniss makes an look within the new Hunger Games prequel

How Katniss makes an appearance in the new Hunger Games prequel

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, the Hunger Games prequel chronicling the villainous origin of President Snow, is stuffed with numerous callbacks to the unique Hunger Games novels. Some of them function essential cornerstones of worldbuilding, reverse-engineering facets of the Hunger Games readers know effectively into one thing much less refined.

Other callbacks, nevertheless, aren’t as integral to the plot and really feel like they had been slipped in simply because they might be. In reality, although the e book takes place a long time earlier than Katniss Everdeen, heroine of the unique books, was even born, it incorporates a sly reference to Katniss.

[Ed. be aware: This publish incorporates main spoilers for The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes]

In the final third of the e book, Coriolanus Snow finds himself stationed as a Peacekeeper in District 12, a punishment for dishonest within the video games to assist his Tribute, Lucy Gray, win. At this level, he’s resigned to his destiny, happy no less than that he has Lucy’s affections to himself, even when he generally longs for the luxuries of the Capitol.

Lucy doesn’t contemplate herself to be fully from District 12. She’s a member of the Covey, she says, a nomadic group of people who find themselves primarily singers and dancers.

While having fun with a day within the woods with Lucy and her fellow Covey, she and Coriolanus have a short debate about whether or not the Capitol really does something for the Districts. Coriolanus insists that the Capitol offers much-needed security and order, whereas Lucy replies that even when that’s true, the Covey have given up their proper to journey and carry out as they please. Lucy says that folks existed with out the Capitol, however Coriolanus says that these folks have been lengthy gone.

a scientific illustration of the katniss plant

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Before the dialog continues, considered one of Lucy’s buddies interrupts to indicate her a plant.

“Hey, you found some katniss,” replies Lucy.

Coriolanus immediately thinks that the plant with pointy leaves and small white flowers is supposed to be ornamental, however Lucy tells him that they’re meant to be eaten. It’s a really transient trade, one not likely meant to spotlight something besides perhaps Coriolanus’ lack of foraging data, but it surely’s there to remind us of the hero who’ll rise a long time later, born and bred in District 12 in contrast to Capitol interlopper Corioalnus.

The remainder of the scene that follows has Coriolanus fairly smitten with a easy life, pondering whether or not his transfer to District 12 is perhaps worthwhile in any case. Lucy’s buddies croon a tune (by the way, the identical one which Katniss sings to Rue as she dies within the first Hunger Games e book, one other callback for callback’s sake). But by the top of the e book, Coriolanus rejects the quaint facets of District life for Capitol luxuries and security — folks songs and katniss crops, included.

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