How to change your name on voter id card online correction – Voter ID Card: Correct your name online at home, know step-by-step method

voter id card

Voter ID Card is also known as Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC). Voter ID card is a photo identity card issued by the Election Commission of India to the citizens. Voter ID card is also an essential document for voting in the country. It also serves as an essential identity card. Many times the wrong name of the voter gets printed on the voter ID card. If you have wrong name on your voter card then you can easily get it corrected. Today we will tell you how you can get the wrong name of Voter ID card corrected online sitting at home. Learn step-by-step method…

Learn how to get the name corrected in Voter ID card
Step 1. First of all visit the National Voters Service Portal or the official website of NSVP. After this click on the Voeter Portal shown here. now you ( will be redirected. If you want, you can also directly go to the voter portal.

Step 2. Register now on the portal with your name and password. If you are already a member then login.

Step 3. After this select the option of ‘Correction in Voter Id’

Step 4. After that tap on Correction in the name option.

Step 5. Now choose your assembly or parliamentary constituency. After that enter your name, age, gender and electoral roll part number. Apart from this, please fill your address in the box.

Step 6. Now fill the necessary documents like your phone number and email in addition to the necessary documents like PAN card, passport or gadget

Step 7. Fill the declaration and then preview and submit

Step 8. A reference ID will be generated to track the status of change of name in the Voter ID card. With which you can track your application in future.

After this, if your application is verified and processed, then a message will be received on your registered cellphone number. Then you can go to your local electoral office and collect the new voter ID card with your new name.

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