how to enable dark mode on Google Search desktop

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Dark Mode not only gives relief to the eyes, but it proves to be helpful in saving battery. It has been released by the company and it will reach everyone in the coming days.

The userbase of Google’s Chrome browser is more than 60 percent in India and now the company has launched a new feature for this Chrome browser. The name of this feature is Dark Mode, which is specially designed to give relief to the eyes of the users and also battery saving in the device. The company has launched it for desktop on its web. Testing of this feature is being done since last February and now it has been released. However, this peach was first spotted in December last year.

Let us tell you that Google has informed through the support page that the dark theme will be implemented on the Google homepage, search result page and search settings etc. After enabling this, users will see the theme of their web in black color. This mode has been rolled out for desktop users and it is said that it will reach all users completely in the next few weeks. In such a situation, if users want to activate this dark mode, then it can be easily activated.

1: Open Google Search in any web browser.

Step 2: In the top right corner, you will get the option of Settings. Tap on it.

Step 3: Go to Search Settings option and then tap on Appearance option.

Step 4: Select your preferred option Default, Dark, or Light.

Step 5: Now definitely click on the option of Save given at the bottom.

what is dark mode

Dark Mode is a kind of black theme, by turning on which the screen of the device becomes in black color, the text visible on it starts appearing in white or gray color. This not only gives relief to the eyes, but it proves to be helpful in saving battery. Our eyes get affected due to the high brightness of the device.

According to the company’s Product Support Manager, Hung F, they are pleased to announce that it will be fully operational in the next few weeks. Dark theme is now available for Google search page on desktop. Thanks for all your feedback on this forum.

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