How to maneuver all of your rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to move all your rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There’s no “winning” Animal Crossing. Sure, you’ll be able to repay your whole mortgage or attain five-star city standing, however there are an infinite variety of targets you’ll be able to set for your self which can be a bit extra … freeform. For instance, I constructed a dinosaur park to rival Spielberg’s best efforts, and made a bizarre moon landing set with dolls, a gnome and, yes, a second moon. But there’s one job that I’ve been dreading: making a rock backyard.

Some nitty gritty background: Every island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has six rocks that spawn in random areas across the map. Hitting these rocks with a shovel nets you some iron, stones, clay, and perhaps some chilly, laborious money. Fully breaking a rock (by consuming a chunk of fruit earlier than hitting it with a shovel) will trigger the rock to respawn in a special random spot on the subsequent day.

But what for those who wished all six of the rocks to be in a pleasant, tidy nook of the map? Maybe in a thematically-appropriate rock backyard? How lengthy would it not take for luck to grant you the right placement of all six rocks, precisely the place you need them?

If accomplished completely, simply six days (until you’re time touring). But I used to be removed from good.

The quest begins

A rock in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through Polygon

There is definitely a approach to make sure that rocks will spawn precisely the place you need them to, but it surely’s a giant ache within the ass.

Rocks can solely spawn in areas that meet sure necessities. Picture a 3×3 grid. In the middle sq. of that grid is your potential rock spawn location. If any of the eight surrounding squares are blocked by one thing, the rock won’t spawn.

What type of issues can block a rock from spawning? Furniture, bushes, cliff sides, and fences will all block rocks. As a common rule, for those who can’t stroll by means of it, it’ll block a rock from spawning.

If you make it in order that there are solely six eligible spots in your island on your rocks to spawn, that’s the place they’ll present up. Easy, proper?

Most of my island was already furnished and forested due to earlier efforts, so about half of the island was unable to spawn any rocks to start with. But what in regards to the different half?

Sure, I may drop furnishings and plant bushes in all places, however that will take some time and make my island unimaginable to traverse. Instead, I turned to patterns.

Enter the rooster

Standing on a chicken pattern in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo

Another strategy to block a rock from spawning is to drop down a sample or stone walkway — rocks gained’t seem on prime of both of those. But not like furnishings or bushes, rocks can seem instantly subsequent to a sample or walkway (as long as there’s an open, eligible area there). That means you need to be particularly thorough when coating your island.

I turned to the blue rooster from Stardew Valley that I instantly copied into New Horizons. I went round dropping the rooster sample all over the place I believed a rock might be able to spawn. Just to watch out, I slathered it throughout cliff sides and ineligible spots. It took two stable episodes of ABC Family’s Greek to get the job accomplished.

But did I miss any spots? I’d have to attend till the morning to search out out.


A rock garden in progress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through Polygon

The subsequent morning I spotted that rocks can spawn in open squares which can be surrounded by flowers. This pushed my timeline again a day, and I had extra patterns to drop.

After one other day of ready, I lastly bought one rock to fall the place I wished it to. And one other.

And then I spotted I had one other downside.

My long run plan was to make a rock backyard, and rock gardens, typically talking, are lined in sand. But that’s high quality, proper? I can simply use the terraforming device to encompass the rocks with sand. Ah, however what in regards to the tiny rim of grass surrounding the already-placed rocks? That’s not very rock backyard, is it?

This meant pushing my timeline again one other two days, as a result of these rocks that had already been positioned would have to be destroyed and the eligible spots would have to be lined in sand earlier than the rocks spawned there. If I’m going to do that, I’m going to do it proper.

The closing rock

Standing in a rock garden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through Polygon

After per week and a half of cautious sample placement, all the rocks had spawned in, save for one.

For no matter cause, the final rock simply wouldn’t spawn for a number of days. The area round it was clear, and there was nothing visually blocking it. So what may very well be the issue?

I turned to resident Animal Crossing skilled Julia Lee, who urged that perhaps the sport thought the rock was being visually blocked by one thing? Two areas under the ultimate rock’s supreme location I had positioned a pleasant gong, together with some fencing and a bamboo bench. So I ditched all of that and salted the earth with paving stones to make sure that nothing may presumably block this final rock from spawning.

And poof, as of yesterday morning, my rock backyard was accomplished.

The bathroom gate

In case it wasn’t clear, making this rock backyard was an enormous ache within the ass and I by no means, ever wish to do it once more. So I’ve created a protecting barrier: the bathroom gate.

See, as soon as I take away all of the patterns throughout my island, unintentionally breaking one among these new rocks would power me to start out this course of over again. Maybe in the future I’ll get up groggy, chow down on an apple, and unintentionally break a rock, ruining practically two weeks value of labor.

Hence the bathroom gate.

As you might or might not know, there’s pooping in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you eat fruit after which sit on one of many bathrooms within the sport, you’ll robotically poop out the fruit, thus eradicating your potential to interrupt rocks. There’s no alternative within the matter. You have to poop.

By blocking the one entry level within the backyard with a bathroom, I’ve ensured this rock backyard will survive for future generations. It doesn’t stop a malicious finest pal from coming into the backyard after which consuming fruit earlier than going to city, however at the very least it’ll cease most unintended rock breakages.

So there you’ve gotten it, my rock journey. Now, every single day, moderately than sprinting throughout my island to hit rocks and hope for gold nuggets, I can head to my chill backyard and knock all of them out in a minute or two. I’ve even designed it in order that I don’t must dig any holes to make sure I get all eight rock strikes in. It is tremendously satisfying.

Just don’t inform anybody I did this. I don’t wish to come off as a weirdo.

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