How to observe Marvel films in chronological order: an entire breakdown

How to watch Marvel movies in chronological order: a complete breakdown

There are loads of locations on-line that can let you know how you can watch all the films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, chronologically or in any other case. But what for those who needed extra? What for those who needed to observe each scene within the MCU in chronological order?

Escape From Vault Disney podcast host Tony Goldmark has the reply for you.

Last week, Goldmark tweeted the results of his bold quarantine undertaking, an inventory of each discrete scene in each film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rearranged in chronological order. Somewhat later, after incorporating canny observations from those that noticed the tweet, he published a final, even more accurate, version on Comic Book Herald

Chronologically talking, the primary scene within the MCU is the prologue of Thor: The Dark World, which begins “millennia ago” with Asgard and the Dark Elves at battle. Then time jumps to the flashback sequence of Thor: Ragnarok wherein the Valkyries make their final cost in opposition to Hela. And then to 965 A.D., when Asgard battled Frost Giants across Earth.

Then, Goldmark’s checklist continues for over 100 swaps from film to film and again, till, lastly, in a cute selection, the ultimate credit scene of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, wherein Astronaut Stan Lee assures the Watchers that he has many, many extra tales to inform.

stan lee and the watchers at the end of Guardians 2

Image: Marvel Studios

Timelines of the historical past of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be discovered on any fan wiki, however Goldmark has assembled the recipe for a video model. Polygon reached out to the theme park Youtuber and Disney podcaster to seek out out precisely what had motivated the creation of this exhaustively researched checklist, and he mentioned he by no means meant for it to catch a lot consideration.

“I was doing it mostly for my own amusement and nerdy curiosity more than anything else,” Goldmark mentioned over e-mail, “just as a personal project to keep me occupied during the quarantine. Next thing you know, it’s got over nine thousand retweets and 31 thousand likes, and I’ve gained nearly two thousand new Twitter followers in the last three days alone.”

He was additionally shocked on the variety of folks clamoring for the checklist to be in a unique format.

“I think the biggest thing I learned from this process is that, as intriguing as this sort of thing is, people online VASTLY prefer watching videos to reading lists,” he mentioned. “I’ve gotten thousands of responses and quote-tweets on that thing, and at least half of them are some variation of ‘You should edit this into one video!’”

But even because the creator of the checklist within the first place, he doesn’t suggest utilizing it.

“Incidentally, I don’t think watching the MCU chopped up into this chronological order is objectively the best way to do it — if you’re seeing any of these movies for the first time, you should absolutely watch them as the filmmakers intended. This is strictly a nerdy bonus for superfans who are obsessed with the chronology of it in particular, and I’ve always been a sucker for that kind of thing.”

Nerdy superfans who’re obsessive about chronology? I, uh … can’t relate.

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