How to play as Jett in Valorant

How to play as Jett in Valorant

Jett is a Duelist and is certainly one of Valorant’s most tough characters. She has a capability that lets her sprint in any route and one other that provides her an additional excessive bounce to achieve locations on the map that few different Agents can. But she will do greater than get round rapidly. She additionally has a smoke display screen that she will put down to chop off the enemy’s imaginative and prescient, and an Ultimate means that’s as lethal as any weapon within the recreation.

Here are all of Jett’s skills and some methods on the best way to use them.

Ability: Cloudburst

Jett looks at a cloud of smoke she just created in Valorant

Jett’s Cloudburst means
Image: Riot Games through Polygon

Throw out a cloud of fog that obscures imaginative and prescient on affect. Hold down the flexibility button to bend the cloud’s in-flight trajectory.


  • These are very small smoke clouds, however they’re nice for stopping an opponent from watching a particular angle. Because you may bend the clouds, attempt to obscure that space from round a nook or elsewhere that’s protected.
  • In absolutely the worst case situation, you may throw certainly one of these straight on an enemy to obscure their imaginative and prescient.

Ability: Updraft

Jett floats high above the map in Valorant

Jett excessive above the map utilizing her Updraft and Tailwind skills
Image: Riot Games through Polygon

After a quick wind up, propel your self upwards.


  • This means is likely one of the few methods in Valorant to rise up to excessive locations. If you see two massive containers stacked on prime of one another, attempt utilizing this means to leap on prime of them. From right here, you may catch enemies off-guard who won’t have anticipated your place since so few characters within the recreation can attain it.
  • When you launch into the air with this means your photographs gained’t be correct, even for those who’re utilizing Jett’s hover means as nicely. You shouldn’t use this to attempt to get a clear shot off, as enemies will be capable of shoot you a lot simpler than you may shoot them.
  • Jett additionally has the flexibility to hover for those who maintain bounce whilst you’re within the air. When she’s hovering she’ll fall very slowly, however gained’t be capable of shoot precisely.

Signature Ability: Tailwind

Immediately sprint a brief distance within the route you’re transferring.


  • This means is great for getting out of conditions in a rush. You can peek an angle, see precisely what number of enemies are across the nook, then sprint backwards right away earlier than they will shoot you.
  • Tailwind will transfer in no matter route you’re holding while you activate the flexibility. This contains ahead and backward and side-to-side, in addition to diagonally.
  • Be cautious dashing ahead right into a combat with this means, when you end your sprint, you’ll want to tug your weapon again out, which takes fairly some time. While you’re doing that, you may be susceptible to enemies with no strategy to defend your self.
  • This means will refresh if Jett will get two kills after she makes use of it.

Ultimate Ability: Blade Storm

Jett hold five knives in the air in front of her in Valorant

Jett’s Blade Storm means
Image: Riot Games through Polygon

Arm your self with a number of lethal throwing knives that deal average harm and kill on headshots. Scoring a kill restores all daggers. Left click on throws a single dagger. Right click on throws all remaining daggers in a short-ranged burst.


  • Unlike weapons, this means is all the time pinpoint correct in single hearth, so you need to use Jett’s Updraft means to leap into the air, then hover and hearth your daggers with out concern of them lacking their mark.
  • Blade Storm’s daggers additionally draw faster than a gun while you sprint ahead, so you may sprint into an enemy, use proper click on to throw all of your daggers directly, thus killing them and refreshing your knives.
  • Blade Storm lasts so long as you need throughout a spherical, so you need to use it as a alternative for a weapon for those who’re in a pinch and making an attempt to save lots of Creds. Just activate it and use it such as you would a standard weapon, however keep in mind for those who don’t get a kill and run out of daggers, you’ll be caught along with your pistol.

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