How to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs

How to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs
Google Docs has turn into one of many most-used phrase processors available on the market. There are two massive advantages of utilizing Google Docs. First, you need to use it without spending a dime — ceaselessly. And secondly, Google Docs continues to be the king in the case of on-line collaboration. That being mentioned, individuals who have been utilizing Microsoft Word for a very long time may discover it a bit troublesome to regulate to Google Docs’ UI. So, on this article, I’m going to point out how one can Strikethrough textual content in Google Docs, together with different formatting choices.

Learn to Strikethrough Text in Google Docs

While Google Docs might sound a bit unfamiliar, when you begin utilizing it, you’ll be able to simply determine every part in a number of days if not hours. I discover it simpler to make use of than most phrase processors like Microsoft Word. And whereas it’s not as feature-rich, it’s got all of the fundamentals coated. With that mentioned, let’s get into our tutorial, lets?

1. Select the textual content that you just wish to strikethrough and click on on “Format”.


2. Now, hover over the “Text” possibility and click on on “Strikethrough”.


3. That’s it. You have now utilized strikethrough on the chosen textual content as proven under.


4. If you wish to make it quicker, bear in mind the under keyboard shortcut for making use of strikethrough:

  • On macOS: Command + Shift + X
  • On Windows: Alt + Shift + 5

Other Formatting Shortcuts for Google Docs

Whenever you neglect a keyboard shortcut, you need to use the identical “Format” menu to use the required type to your textual content. That mentioned, it is going to be quite a bit simpler when you bear in mind a number of the mostly used keyboard shortcuts. Most of them are just like those on Microsoft Word, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

  • Bold Text:
    • On macOS: CMD + B
    • On Windows: Ctrl + B
  • Italicize Text:
    • On macOS: CMD + I
    • On Windows: Ctrl + I
  • Underline Text:
    • On macOS: CMD + U
    • On Windows: Ctrl + U
  • Superscript Text:
    • On macOS: CMD + .
    • On Windows: Ctrl + .
  • Subscript Text:
    • On macOS: CMD + ,
    • On Windows: Ctrl + ,
  • Increase Font Size:
    • On macOS: CMD + Shift + >
    • On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + >
  • Decrease Font Size:
    • On macOS: CMD + Shift + <
    • On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + <
  • Paste with out formatting:
    • On macOS: CMD + Shift + V
    • On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + V

Those are a number of the generally used shortcuts that I believe will assist you numerous. If you wish to study all of the related keyboard shortcuts, head over to Google’s documentation on the identical.

Easily Apply Text Formatting on Google Docs

Google Docs has modified the way in which we use phrase processors. Instead of bringing a plethora of options that 90% of individuals won’t ever use, it brings a clear writing expertise that makes every part simpler. Yes, it’d take you a number of days to get acclimated to the software program, however that’s value it. Do you employ Google Docs? Let us know within the feedback under.

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