Hyper Scape’s open beta patch notes: Solo Crown Rush, Harpy SMG

Hyper Scape’s open beta patch notes: Solo Crown Rush, Harpy SMG

Hyper Scape’s open beta arrived over the weekend and Ubisoft put out a contemporary patch for the sport’s public debut. The patch added a couple of gameplay adjustments and steadiness tweaks, however it additionally has a brand new solo mode for gamers who wish to leap into the 100-player battle royale on their very own, as an alternative of with a squad.

The largest addition to the closed beta is Hyper Scape’s new Crown Rush Solo mode. The mode has all the identical options because the Crown Rush Squad mode — like random loot and the shrinking map — however it removes the three-player squads and pits all 100 gamers towards one another. Solo modes are at all times a well-liked alternative for battle royale gamers, so it’s no shock that this new mode is now a everlasting addition to the sport.

As for gameplay adjustments, the largest replace is the brand new Harpy weapon. The Harpy is a submachine gun that’s designed for prime harm and really restricted vary. According to the patch notes, the Harpy is a pressure to be reckoned with up shut, however in the event you’re dealing with off with an enemy at a distance, you’ll most likely wish to choose one other gun.

This patch additionally brings a couple of adjustments to Hyper Scape’s in-game occasions like Low Gravity, which can now final for 35 seconds as an alternative of 50 seconds. There’s additionally a model new occasion known as Haste, which might solely be triggered by a viewer vote. The Haste occasion quickens each participant in a match for a quick time.

For a take a look at all of the adjustments Ubisoft made to Hyper Scape for the open beta you’ll be able to take a look at the full patch notes.

Hyper Scape open beta patch notes



Many of you requested once we would launch new weapons, right here’s the primary one: The Harpy is an SMG able to doing massive harm at brief vary. It has a restricted journal at low fusion degree however a quick reload pace. Like for different full-auto weapons it positive aspects ammo capability with every fusion and an additional harm at full fusion.

The Harpy is meant to be a quick, cellular weapon, with no additional unfold penalty for dash/leap.


  • Proximity detonation radius diminished to 0.7R, down from 0.9R

The change on harm from patch 0.2 (launched throughout our Tech Test) confirmed constructive results however the Salvo remains to be too dominant in shut fight/indoor conditions. Although the intention for this weapon was at all times to be simple to make use of, we imagine it’s at present overused in random carpet-bombing strategies.

The proximity detonation radius shall be diminished to make the projectiles extra avoidable in shut quarter fight. We will monitor this modification intently within the first days of the Open Beta.


Shockwave (New)

With this patch, we additionally introduce a brand new Hack: The Shockwave. This versatile Hack permits you to set off a ranged AoE shockwave that can propel gamers in all instructions.

The Shockwave does a bit of harm, lower than Slam, however the ranged side opens new potentialities. It additionally affords a traversal capacity in the event you purpose at your toes, you’ll be despatched flying into the air. Fusion will decrease its cooldown and full fusion may even add additional harm.

Shockwave is the quickest Hack at present, with a minimal Cooldown of 4s at full fusion.

Game Events

Haste (New)

A brand new Game Event has been added for Twitch Viewers via the Crowncast Extension: The Haste Event. Once chosen by viewers it would enhance the navigation pace of all Contenders for some time. It is cumulative with some other pace enhance given by Melee or some other capacity and can have an effect on Echoed Players as nicely.

Haste is Viewers-exclusive: It can solely be chosen by Viewers which are watching the match with the Crowncast extension.

Low Gravity

  • Low Gravity Game Event length diminished to 35s, down from 50s

Low Gravity has been fairly widespread amongst Viewers (maybe much less so for Streamers) and created many unexpectedly epic in-air fight moments. However, as with all good issues, moderation is vital. As we add new Game Events to the sport rotation (like we’re doing with Haste), Low Gravity will naturally come up much less steadily. Still, we predict its present length is a bit lengthy and we’ve determined to cut back it for now, till extra Game Events are added.

Keep in thoughts nonetheless that this Game Event is Viewers-exclusive: Low Gravity can solely happen when a number of Streamers are current in your match (otherwise you’re a Streamer your self and your viewers wish to see you fly.)

Game mode and methods

Crown Rush Solo mode

Many of you loved enjoying Solo Neo Arcadia throughout the Dark Haze restricted occasion of the Technical Test. Here now’s Crown Rush Solo, the 100-player Solo model of our Crown Rush Battle Royale! Crown Rush Solo now joins Crown Rush Squad as certainly one of Hyper Scape’s normal recreation modes.

The guidelines are unchanged, together with the Crown. If you determine to go for it, you’ll must defend your self alone!

Showdown and Crown

  • Collapsed Sector harm is now x5 throughout Showdown.
  • Crown bearer now has a world Hack Cooldown Time improve of +33%.

We’ve learn many feedback about doable exploits or repetitive/annoying (“cheesing”) successful methods throughout the Showdown, when gamers run away with the Crown. We supposed Showdown to be a tactical & intense second, however we wish to be sure chasing the Crown bearer will not be a irritating expertise. We additionally wish to be sure that choosing up the Crown nonetheless affords an opportunity to win, in the event you play nicely and/or are nicely supported by your squad.

With this patch, we’re introducing new mechanics designed to rebalance the Crown. We will monitor intently their results on the sport and regulate quickly if needed, to make sure Showdown stays a enjoyable & inventive second.

The harm of collapsed sectors shall be drastically elevated throughout Showdown. You will nonetheless be capable to play in it however just for a short while. We’re additionally making use of a debuff to the Crown: As a Crown bearer you’ll nonetheless be capable to use your Hacks freely, however their cooldowns shall be elevated, giving your opponents extra alternatives to meet up with you.


  • Only 4 Ammo pickups are actually needed to succeed in max ammo capability, down from 6 pickups.

We’ve made the ammo pickup extra beneficiant within the recreation. The quick tempo fight usually leaves gamers with little ammo and we predict reaching full ammo capability was a bit sluggish. We are nonetheless engaged on fixing the shortage of ammo with the preliminary weapon pickup at match begin, however it’s a primary step.

Player’s max ammo capability is unchanged, however they’ll now want much less pickups to succeed in it.

Weapon Swap

  • The Weapon Swap maintain timer has been diminished to 0.5s, down from 0.8s.

The Weapon Swap (the motion of swapping certainly one of your two weapons with one other on the bottom) felt too sluggish for a number of gamers (together with Graeme, our producer, who occurs to be a really persuasive individual). We agree that the general tempo of the sport requires extra reactivity for gamers making an attempt to regulate their loadout. While the weapon swap remains to be a HOLD interplay (to keep away from involuntary swaps) its length has been diminished.

Please observe that we’re solely decreasing the HOLD interplay length. The weapon swap animation is unchanged, however remember it’s interruptible: If you shoot or go in ADS you’ll interrupt it immediately.

Also, a number of of you instructed utilizing for weapons the identical swap menu used for hacks. We will proceed to observe this side of the sport sooner or later.

Crowncast Twitch Extension

Battle Pass development on Twitch (New)

Viewers on Twitch will now be capable to progress their Battle Pass just by watching their favourite streamers! If you’re watching Hyper Scape streams which have activated the Crowncast extension and you’ve got linked your Uplay account, it is possible for you to to say Battle Points on the finish of every match. Thanks to the Crowncast model of our in-game scoring system, the extra you watch & work together with the sport, the extra factors you’ll get. Battle Points and all objects unlocked shall be obtainable as quickly as you come back to Hyper Scape.

We have set a every day cap to the utmost quantity of Battle Points you will get by watching on Twitch, to make sure enjoying the sport stays one of the simplest ways of leveling up. However, we are going to intently monitor this cover & the factors gained to verify it feels rewarding to observe Hyper Scape on Twitch.

Important Note for Console Players: While Open Beta is simply obtainable on PC, you can also make use of the Crowncast Battle Pass development to unlock all of the objects contained within the OB Battle Pass, which shall be obtainable in your account once we launch on Console, because of our cross-progression system. So, go watch streamers on Twitch and unlock all of the unique Open beta rewards!

Streamer Squad Invitations

Thanks to the Crowncast extension, streamers can now invite viewers instantly into their 3-player squad with a couple of simple clicks. If you’re watching a Hyper Scape stream, the streamer can ship you an invitation. If you’re logged into the sport, you’ll be able to settle for that invitation and if confirmed by streamer you’ll be a part of their squad immediately! No want to make use of the Uplay buddy interface in any respect!


New Content to Unlock

  • New free Battle Pass with 30 tiers, together with beauty solely and unique objects that gamers will hold after the Open Beta.
  • This BP contains Twitch Prime rewards – you have to be a Twitch Prime member to unlock these.
  • Daily Shop is now open! Any content material bought throughout Open Beta will in fact stay in your stock at full launch.

A brand new Free Battle Pass with 30 tiers is out there so that you can unlock Open Beta unique objects. All objects are new in comparison with Technical Test. You can degree up the Battle Pass by enjoying matches & finishing challenges, however don’t overlook now you can additionally degree up on Twitch by watching streamers with the Crowncast extension.

Console gamers: Remember Twitch Battle Pass development works for you too!


Hardware ID ban

Starting with this Open Beta, any consumer BattlEye detects to be utilizing recreation hacks or cheat packages can have their Ubisoft account routinely banned from the sport, and their PC may even obtain a Hardware ID Ban to forestall them returning to the Hyper Scape with one other account.

Other Improvements

Revive Bug

Technical Test gamers seemingly noticed a difficulty making an attempt to revive teammates the place the motion doesn’t full. It’s in reality a two-part concern, one associated to particular geometric positioning of the Restore Point, and the opposite with the motion itself getting interrupted. This patch addresses the positioning bug, with the opposite to be addressed in a future replace.

Texture Streaming

Enabled texture streaming on Weapons & Characters to forestall out of reminiscence points.

Adjusted international texture streaming reminiscence swimming pools to forestall out of reminiscence points.


Reduced loading wait time from 90 sec to 60 sec (gamers ought to spend much less time within the Lobby now).

Other Fixes

Fixed a difficulty the place gamers would obtain an invalid “orchid-C015” concern when coming into Matchmaking.

Fixed a number of consumer & server crashes noticed throughout Tech Test.

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