I used to be taken hostage in a crafty Sea of Thieves heist

I was taken hostage in a cunning Sea of Thieves heist

Sea of Thieves permits you to make alliances with different gamers, spreading a fleet throughout the excessive seas in quest of mutual revenue. But gamers can nonetheless betray one another, and sometimes do, in quest of even higher beneficial properties.

One fall night, I discovered myself as a part of a full five-ship alliance, which meant the whole server was united below the identical flag. This is a perfect model of the alliance; everybody makes a reduce of the opposite ships’ income, and there’s zero threat of participant assaults.

There was only one drawback: There was a traitor within the Alliance’s midst the whole time, and he had taken me hostage aboard my very own ship. He had a plan, and I had turn into his unwitting pawn.

Setting the scene

I first met this daring pirate close to Ancient Spire Outpost. I had plans to begin an Athena’s Fortune voyage and sail the day away as a solo sloop. I noticed a uncommon grouping of ships: two galleons, a brigantine, and a sloop. It’s not usually you see the whole server collectively, so I approached cautiously, and after they stated they needed to speak, I made a decision to hear.

They knowledgeable me that I might be part of their server-wide alliance, or I might depart the server. It was a basic shakedown. I might both play by their phrases, or they’d work collectively and sink me. I joined the alliance instantly. In Sea of Thieves, gamers have to hitch an Alliance by elevating a particular flag close to one other member of the group. Every Captain retains their income from promoting stuff, and a further 50% trickles right down to everybody else within the alliance.

The gentleman who welcomed me into the alliance acquired on his megaphone and despatched orders to the remainder of the ships. The two galleons and the brigantine would stick collectively, hitting the massive server occasions that had the most important hauls concerned. The different sloop captain and I have been charged with doing our personal solo voyages for Athena’s Fortune. As lengthy as everybody cooperated, nobody would get damage.

This appeared like a fairly whole lot to me. I definitely wasn’t going to stand up in opposition to the person who had introduced the remainder of the server aboard together with his plan. But what I didn’t know is that dissent was already festering in his ranks, and a member of the brigantine crew had climbed aboard my sloop.

Sea of Thieves - a player using first person perspective pilots a sloop.

Image: Rare / Microsoft Game Studios

A brewing rebel

As I began making ready for my voyage, I heard somebody equip the Eye of Reach, a long-ranged scoped rifle, and so they have been proper behind me. Players in Alliances can damage one another; there’s nonetheless pleasant hearth, until you’re a part of the identical ship. Was this a griefer?

But he didn’t hearth. “This is a hijacking,” the pirate stated, revealing his voice. He sounded possibly sixteen. “I need your sloop.”

His plan was easy. This teenager determined he didn’t like having somebody management a whole server, and he needed to set issues up to make sure he acquired the most important slice of the pie. So, the brigantine’s crew conspired, and despatched considered one of their very own off to take a sloop and use it to stage a coup. He simply wanted that sloop captain to be aboard together with his plan.

Even although he had a gun pointed at my face, at this level, we each knew I had all the energy. I might merely sign off; I’d lose nothing however a little bit little bit of time. I might scuttle my ship or dodge his shot and homicide him so he’d respawn on brigantine.

Or I might participate in his plot, and commerce assured revenue for petty spite.

I selected the latter.

Sea of Thieves - a player holds a looking glass up to their eye to survey the horizon.

You gotta regulate the lengthy sport.
Image: Rare / Microsoft Game Studios

Betrayal (or bullying?)

We spent the following two hours crusing round and gathering provides. At first, he stored the rifle educated on me, however I feel that ultimately acquired a little bit boring. We chatted to cross the time as we loaded up the sloop with explosive barrels, cursed cannonballs, hearth bombs. We fished so we might have loads of health-restoring meals for the eventual showdown.

He advised me he was Finnish, dwelling within the States, and laying aside doing on-line faculty homework. I confirmed him my array of pets, together with my hideous purple monkey that I named Fortnite. I gave him recommendation on his outfits. I’d hear him checking in together with his workforce over Discord, and ultimately the time got here.

The teen and I rolled up on the three ships. The two galleons have been engaged on combating an Ashen Lord on the shores; they by no means noticed it coming. An Ashen Lord is a giant skeleton who spawns on an merchandise, marked by a fiery twister, and it takes fairly an funding to kill them. They have an entire arsenal of particular boss skills, a lot of which contain throwing flame round.

Sea of Thieves - the Ashen Lords, fire imbued skeletons, pose for a dramatic group shot

Image: Rare / Microsoft Game Studios

Frankly, we had over-prepared. While the opposite eight gamers from the 2 galleons centered on murdering the fiery skeleton boss, it was extremely easy to line up explosive barrels in each galleon’s hulls.

The galleons have been completely loaded with treasure, whereas the brigantine merely had just a few chests and skulls aboard. We took just a few items of treasure earlier than the galleon crews seen us. From there, all the pieces instantly went to hell. The eight galleon gamers ran again in direction of us, yelling. The Ashen Lord adopted, nonetheless going via his boss struggle protocols. He opened up a portal to the sky, and fiery meteors rained down … onto the galleons, loaded with explosive barrels.

With their ships gone, it was straightforward for the brigantine crew and I to mop up the survivors, after which load their worthwhile cargo aboard our ship. We left the alliance and sailed to an outpost, however I questioned… what would have occurred if I might have spoken to the galleon crews for just a few hours? Would we’ve discovered a shared humanity? Would we’ve wanted to activate them?

But then I went to the shop and acquired like, six actually cute clothes, so all in all? I think about being taken hostage a rousing success.

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