Mario 64 smoke visible bug fastened 20 years later

Mario 64 smoke visual bug fixed 20 years later

Players have been roasting poor Mario’s buns in lava pits for the reason that days of Super Mario 64, and everybody can keep in mind Mario’s cries of ache as he leaped out of the burning swimming pools. Super Mario 64’s smoke impact, emanating from the plumber’s toasted hindquarters, all the time seemed a bit foolish — even for the Nintendo 64.

A brand new ROM hack for Super Mario 64 reveals a repair for what we now know was a visible bug. And modders fastened it in solely a single line of code.

According to the patch’s description on, the hack provides no new artwork. The a lot better trying smoke particle was inside the sport all alongside, hidden beneath an incorrect line of code. According to hacker zoinknoise, they merely modified “G_IM_FMT_RGBA” to “G_IM_FMT_IA” on line 47 of the “/actors/burn_smoke/” file.

According to zoinknoise:

it’s now recognized that this texture is displayed within the improper format by the sport, leading to black rubbish pixels. Since online game smoke of this period was typically depicted with black rubbish pixels, the error went unnoticed for over twenty years. This patch corrects the error by displaying the feel accurately as correct clear smoke. It doesn’t add any new artwork; the feel has been contained in the ROM all alongside.

The tweet above showcases the 2 totally different smoke results. The left picture exhibits how most gamers keep in mind the smoke trying; black dots floating round Mario’s butt. The picture on the precise is seemingly the supposed impact, that includes totally fashioned smoke clouds.

We’re not sure if Nintendo will formally repair this bug earlier than Super Mario 64 involves the Nintendo Switch within the rumored 35th anniversary bundle.

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