Minecraft Dungeons: Best Weapons Guide – ‘Unique’ Axes, Swords, Bows, Scythes & More

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Minecraft Dungeons includes lots of fight, so that you’ll must know which weapons to look out for!

Minecraft first launched on PCs means again in 2011, and the franchise has come an terrible great distance within the years since.

As a online game, Minecraft has now achieved GOAT-status, bragging a consumer base of roughly 100 million energetic customers.

And it’s solely getting larger!

Minecraft Dungeons is ready to introduce a brand new route to the blockbuster franchise, with an RPG expertise centred round combating mobs and grinding for gear.

Inspired by Diablo’s causal tackle loot-driven dungeon crawling, it packs all kinds of distinctive weaponry to seek out.

Continue under for the perfect weapons you’ll be capable of discover within the ongoing beta.

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Diamond Sword

This crystalized blade retains swordplay easy, sporting a lift to wreck output for elevated effectivity with each hit.

diamond sword mcdungeons
EXTRA DAMAGE: The sword depends closely on securing robust enchantments, with ‘available options’ totally reshaping its position within the battle

While the Diamond Sword lacks mystique, its glowing aura attracts eyes.

Firebrand Axe

This mystical axe absolutely embraces the weather, inserting a blazing inferno within the participant’s palms.

firebrand axe mc dungeons
BURNS MOBS: While versatile for all sorts of encounters, the axe’s close-quarters nature permits gamers to trigger carnage in tight areas

The scolding axe burns all enemy varieties, dealing sustained hearth harm.

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The weapon additionally contains a “spin attack”, which includes swinging the weapon in a full circle.

‘Nightmare’s Bite’ Scythe

This dynamic duo leaves a mark on foes, with an opportunity of consuming the encompassing radius in toxic gases with every hit.

nightmare bite sickle
CLEAR THE ROOM: With dual-wield, enemy mobs won’t ever stand an opportunity!

The two scythes are elegant and agile in fight, and are among the many few weapons with dual-wield as an possibility.

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These venomous fangs slice by way of foes with ease, in order that they are perfect for dealing with lower-level mobs.

‘Red Snake’ Bow

The Red Snake bow packs a fiery punch, with the prospect of triggering an explosion upon impression.

red snake bow
EXPLOSIVE: Featuring a versatile lineup of skills, this bow is beneficial on on a regular basis mobs and colossal bosses

The explosive nature of the arrows offers the chance for bonus harm, and throws close by mobs off their toes.

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This bonus aids in all conditions, delivering quick bursts of considerable harm.

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