Minecraft Dungeons: How to construct a Rogue class – Weapons, Artifacts, Armors & extra

Minecraft Dungeons: How to build a Rogue class - Weapons, Artifacts, Armors & more

Minecraft Dungeons brings all types of sophistication potentialities. One of essentially the most thrilling is the rogue.

Minecraft Dungeons is seeking to innovate the sport that innovated the whole gaming trade over a decade in the past. What was as soon as a base-building social survival recreation is now making its method into the world of dungeon crawling.

And no dungeon crawler is full with out a rogue within the combine. This isn’t any totally different in Minecraft Dungeons.

Rogues are a fantasy staple, typically dual-wielding daggers and sneaking up on unwitting foes.

But with no set courses in Minecraft Dungeons, constructing a rogue correctly goes to take some forethought.

Let’s go over how you can construct a rogue in Minecraft Dungeons.

Sticking to the shadows

Rogues are infamous for being stealthy, and hitting exhausting when it’s too late to cease them. This theme carries over into Minecraft Dungeons, the place gamers could also be restricted on stealth, however have all types of choices with regards to pace, dexterity, and harsh assaults.

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With this in thoughts, let’s go over all the very best weapons, armors, and artifacts that may assist you to construct a rogue in Minecraft Dungeons.


Weapons are a rogue’s finest pal. Regardless of what sort of weapons a rogue is holding, they’ve acquired to be quick. Or at the least assist out in avoiding a direct struggle with enemies.

Nightmare’s Bite

minecraft dungeons nightmares bite small
THE BIG GUNS- Nightmare’s Bite affords the right rogue character expertise with quick assaults and an on-hit poison cloud impact.

Nightmare’s Bite is the quintessential set of rogue weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Not solely are the nice visually, however additionally they supply a robust on-hit impact that completely suits a rogue.

With Nightmare’s Bite you wont be hitting for a lot, simply 16-38 harm a swing. But you’ll even have the possibility on-hit to spawn poison clouds that can deal loads of further harm, particularly to teams. With the excessive assault pace, these twin blades are the right rogue weapon to rise up shut and private to do massive harm shortly.

The Last Laugh

Minecraft The Last Laugh
OMINOUS- These sickles emit a sinister chuckle, which suggests they’re the right rogue weapons.

The Last Laugh is one other pair of dual-wielded weapons in Minecraft Dungeons that supply a ton of immersion and harm for rogue.

In place of poisoning, although, these sickles have a haunting and sinister taste to them. This is described of their textual content which describes a sinister chuckle emitting from them.

These weapons deal huge harm compared to Nightmare’s Bite, although they swing slower. They hit for 32-75 harm a swing, and trigger mobs to drop extra emeralds on-death.

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Armor is often not a focus for a rogue, however there are some sturdy, immersive units of armor that lend themselves to the category.

Thief Armor

Thief Armor Minecraft Dungeons
BEST IN SLOT- Thief Armor affords a variety of energy to rogues

Thief armor is the right match of immersive rogue look and incredible rogue stats in Minecraft Dungeons.

The armor affords a whopping 25% melee assault pace, which suggests tons of additional harm and higher skill to set off your on-hit impact weapons like Nightmare’s Bite. And 305 further well being by no means damage anyone.

It’s the right search for an murderer, together with a hood to remain mysterious.

Grim Armor

Grim Armor Minecraft Dungeons
CALLOUS- This armor is for rogues on the lookout for a darker look.

While Grim Armor is way from Thief Armor when it comes to powering your rogue, it’s nonetheless a welcomed pickup. It additionally has one of many coolest seems to be within the recreation, so it’s exhausting to not put it on once you discover it.

Grim Armor affords 253 well being, and a 3% lifesteal aura. While these are helpful to a melee class with quick assaults, it’s no substitute for assault pace, and even offers much less well being.

The actual energy in Grim Armor is how immersive it feels to put on it. With visuals just like a skeleton, that is nice armor for the sinister tone rogues can tackle in Minecraft Dungeons with weapons just like the Last Laugh.


Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons supply all types of small boosts. For rogues, the very best artifacts focus on mobility.

Light Feather

Light Feather Minecraft Dungeons
HOLD STILL- The Light Feather permits rogues to sprint and stun foes all of sudden

Light Feather affords rogues the additional mobility they should persist with opponents, keep away from unhealthy conditions, and begin fights shortly.

With Light Feather gamers can roll each 3 seconds, gorgeous mobs for 2.8 seconds which can be hit by the roll.

As an escape, gap-closer, and mobility bonus, this is without doubt one of the finest artifact pickups within the recreation for a rogue.

Boots of Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness Minecraft Dungeons
GOTTA GO FAST- These boots give rogues the mobility they want

Wings on the perimeters of your boots won’t scream rogue, however due to what these supply, they’re a terrific artifact to seize.

These boots give a short lived motion pace burst on activation, which is big for melee characters like rogues to provoke fights, evade unhealthy conditions, and get from goal to focus on with ease.

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