MLB The Show 20: Road to the Show Guide – Best personalities in RTTS


There’s loads of selections to make in Road to the Show that personalize your prospect.

Road to the Show permits gamers to work their strategy to the majors as a prospect in MLB The Show 20.

The mode consists of many options, however one that may be complicated is the character system which results the way you strategy the sport.

We break down the character sorts in Road to the Show and which you need to select on your prospect.

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Lightning Rod

MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Lightning Rod personality
Lightning Rod means making huge performs to energise your crew

Lightning Rod is the primary choice of the character sorts in Road to the Show. This character kind is constructed round igniting your crew, largely by means of huge batting perks.

The beginning perks for Lightning Rod are Jump Start, which improves your skill to hit in 0-0 counts and Eye of the Storm, which permits the participant to make use of sluggish movement for one at-bat.

Plenty of Lightning Rod perks are randomly activated, which works with the theme of unpredictability. But gamers are nonetheless in a position to predict their perks with instances that they at all times activate, so it’s not all rng.

If you need to gas your crew to huge moments extra typically, that is the character tree for you.


MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Maverick personality
Maverick means making enemies throughout the league

Maverick is as soon as once more the delinquent social perk for Road to the Show. Players improve their Maverick perks by making enemies throughout the league. Maverick traits enable the participant to step issues up within the presence of rivals. Whether it’s divisional competitors or private rivals, Maverick means your participant will present up on the large sport day.

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The beginning perks for Maverick are Territorial, which improves your hitting attribute in opposition to divisional opponents and Up In Arms, which ensures an inside pitch if the participant calls time twice earlier than the primary pitch is thrown.

If you aren’t eager on being favored and don’t thoughts strain, that is the character tree for you.


MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Captain personality
Captain means figuring out your crew just like the again of your hand

Captain runs off of being aware of your teammates.

The beginning perks for Captain are Homefront, which improves hitting skill when on dwelling area, and Clear for Takeoff, which will increase regular swing energy in 2-0 and 3-1 counts.

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So if you wish to lead your crew to victory from the dugout to the diamond, that is the character tree for you.

Heart & Soul

MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Heart Soul Personality
Heart & Soul means constructing sturdy friendships

The Heart & Soul character trait is another social trait for gamers trying to type a long-lasting bonds. This character kind offers advantages when enjoying alongside just a few nice mates.

The beginning perks for Heart & Soul are Inner Peace, which supplies a better hit timing for pitches proper down the center and Defibrillator, which supplies improved hitting when dealing with 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, and 3-1 counts.

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If you need to type a band of brothers in your groups to stand up the league rankings with, that is the character tree for you.

Combining personalities

In MLB The Show 20, your RTTS character selections aren’t so simple as one or the opposite. Throughout the mode your character can enter a number of character bushes to choose up traits and unlock synergies between personalities.

This signifies that past simply your predominant focus, you’ll have to include different bushes to maximise your success in RTTS.


The most evident synergies in Road to the Show are between Captain and Heart & Soul, however Maverick and Lightning Rod are additionally a very good pairing.

Players that select Captain and Heart & Soul as their predominant character bushes are rewarded for positively interacting with teammates always. Once the participant types these constructive relationships throughout the roster for Captain bonuses, strengthening just a few of those bonds to make brothers means quick access to Heart & Soul bonuses.

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Players that select Maverick and Lightning Rod as their predominant character bushes are rewarded for exhibiting up huge on sport day and elevating the bar by making their presence felt by opponents throughout the league. With Maverick gamers ought to give attention to making enemies on many alternative groups so that you’re at all times beneath the strain of outperforming them. Once you could have your rivals, Lightning Rod and Maverick mix to make sure you take over the diamond when it counts. With Maverick’s excessive demand in your social time, combining it with Lightning Rod is the right match.

Which personalities must you choose?

At the top of the day, spreading your consideration throughout the personalities is at all times going to yield a greater character than merely focusing one tree. But a few of these character bushes play higher with others.

Lightning Rod is the very best character trait in MLB The Show 20’s RTTS. This is as a result of it’s essentially the most relevant and synergistic of all of the character traits, making it an auto embrace. The tree focuses on making huge performs and fueling your crew to victory. These advantages impact the participant no matter how they select to socialize off of the diamond. So whether or not you’re trying to make mates or foes, Lightning Rod suits in simply advantageous. No matter your gameplan, embrace Lighting Rod.

After Lightning Rod, the following finest character trait is Captain. This character trait isn’t at all times essentially the most explosive, however its advantages are straightforward to keep up. To improve your perks, gamers that select Captain merely should positively work together along with your teammates. By being extra centered on the crew as a complete there’s no hazard of dropping advantages to accidents or trades.

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