NASA Selects SpaceX, Blue Origin to Build Human Landers for Artemis Moon Missions

NASA Selects SpaceX, Blue Origin to Build Human Landers for Artemis Moon Missions
NASA on Thursday introduced that it has chosen three U.S. firms to design and develop human touchdown techniques (HLS) that may assist astronauts land on the moon as a part of the company’s ‘Artemis’ program. The firms that received the contact embrace Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, and a protection provider referred to as Dynetics that’s led by the previous Director of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, David A. King.

NASA is focusing on 2024 for its subsequent crewed demo missions to the lunar floor, and won’t solely be paying these firms $967 million over the subsequent 10 months as a part of the deal, but additionally assist them with its experience for the design and growth of the brand new know-how. The mission will signify the primary time people will return to the moon since 1972, however with a number of key variations, together with the usage of 21st-century applied sciences and entry to extra components of the Moon.

According to the official press launch, the three firms provided three distinct lander and mission designs, which is able to drive a broader vary of know-how growth and, finally, extra sustainability for lunar floor entry. The notable absentee on the listing is the Seattle-based aerospace big, Boeing, which has performed a significant position in most of NASA’s human spaceflight applications up till now.

“With these contract awards, America is moving forward with the final step needed to land astronauts on the Moon by 2024, including the incredible moment when we will see the first woman set foot on the lunar surface”, stated NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. According to him, “This is the first time since the Apollo era that NASA has direct funding for a human landing system, and now we have companies on contract to do the work for the Artemis program”.

According to NASA, it’s returning to the Moon for scientific discovery, financial advantages and inspiration for a brand new era. The company additionally expects that the experiences of this mission will assist it construct a brand new habitat, rovers, energy techniques and different applied sciences that will probably be required for human exploration of Mars.

Featured Image Courtesy: NASA

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