Ooblets information: What to plant first and common farming ideas

Ooblets guide: What to plant first and general farming tips

To progress in Ooblets, you’ll wish to make a pleasant farm to revenue off of.

There are some ways to arrange your farm and there are many totally different crops you may develop. To get began, we’ve put collectively an inventory of ideas that can assist you out.

Invest in Oobcoops as a substitute of sprinklers

Oobcoops have a number of features. They allow you to acquire extra Ooblets, and if you happen to put Ooblets within the coops, they’ll primarily operate as an automatic farm for you. At the very best improve, Ooblets in Oobcoops will plant seeds, until land, water crops, harvest the crops, and do away with any particles within the space. Crops planted round Oobcoops may also develop sooner, which is a pleasant perk in terms of crops that require many in-game days to develop.

Start planting Clothplant Seeds ASAP

An Ooblet farmer stands next to multiple Oobcoops

Image: Glumberland

You’ll want Clothlets — the outcome from planting Clothplant Seeds — for a lot of issues. Some of Tinsel’s Tasks would require handfuls of them and also you’ll want them to construct and improve your Oobcoops.

Don’t trouble paying full price for Clothplant Seeds from the seed store. Instead, pull all of the weeds in your farm and plant any Clothplant Seeds you discover.

Prioritize your slower-growing crops round your Oobcoops

Since you probably will solely have one or two Oobcoops early on, be sure to plant your slower-growing crops across the coops. Things like Lopauliflower Seeds, which take seven days to develop, and Clothplants, which take three days, ought to have precedence round your coops.

Keep a small inventory of all of your crops

You’ll wish to promote your crops for cash, however maintain on to a couple of every of them. You by no means know when one of many residents of Badgetown will request one, otherwise you’ll want a byproduct of one of many crops.

Use flooring to guard your farm from particles, however don’t cowl all of it

A section of debris filling up a corner of an Ooblets farm

Image: Glumberland

Stray rocks, branches, and weeds gained’t develop on wood pathing, so it’s a good suggestion to put some all the way down to tidy up your farm. However, you’ll wish to depart some house open in your farm for rocks and branches to seem. After all, you’ll want Nurny and Plankets to make sure issues, and these come from rocks and branches. Getting rid of rocks and weeds are additionally a good way to search out precious assets, like Oobsidian.

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