How to remove Shortcut Virus from Your PC and USB Drive


Virus is one of the main problem a Windows PC user always find a very hard time avoiding. And in a situation where you use your pen drive or any other removable storage device on public computers or any other PC without a  antivirus, then there is a great chance your pen drive might be infected with virus. And one of the most common viruses for USB storage drives is SHORTCUT virus.

Shortcut virus creates shortcut icon for all your files present in the USB drive while hiding the real files. This makes it very difficult for you to access the real files. It also happens to be a very stubborn virus and can’t be easily removed except through the use of very effective antivirus and also through some other methods.

There are 3 methods to solve this. Let’s start

1. Using command Prompt(CMD): This method requires no software at all. The only thing needed is just inputting a line of command.
>> Click on the start button then click on run( or press win key + r) then type CMD and click on ok.
>> You must know the letter of the drive you want to remove the virus from. Just open my computer and check.
>> Now type this command, attrib (Your USB drive):*.* /d /s -h -r -s  replace Your USB drive with the right letter of the drive. Example: let’s assume the drive is Drive G then the command will be attrib g:*.* /d /s -h -r -s
>> Now click on the enter key and you are done.
2. Using USB Fix: If you probably don’t want to go though the whole command line then you can use the software known as USB Fix. This is also very effective and it will get the job done in no time.
You can download it HERE(
3. Using anti-malware/antivirus: You can remove this virus with help of malware bytes and boot time scan. Just Search for this on Google Search.
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