SBI users to delete this message immediately or lose money. Attention SBI customers delete this message immediately or else your bank account may become empty


PIB is messaging SBI customers to be alert to those who inform them that their account has been blocked. The agency is warning SBI users not to respond to such messages or calls. Customers are also requested not to click on any link that comes with the message. Customers should not respond to fake SMS alerts asking for personal and banking information to access their accounts The government agency took to its official Twitter handle to warn users. Sarkar said that this message is false and SBI customers should not share their banking details under any circumstances.

PIB’s fact check page @PIBFactCheck informed on Twitter that such SMS are being sent to SBI customers, saying that their accounts are blocked. PIB Fact Check said that SBI never sends such messages. The tweet also provided safety tips for SBI customers. Do not reply to emails/SMS asking you to share your personal or banking details. If they receive any such message, they will report immediately. Report phishing to and the bank will take immediate action.


According to the PIB, scammers use fake SBI messages to ask customers to submit their personal “data” as the account has been “blocked”. Through the message, the scammers ask the users to click on the link sent with the message so that their account can be reactivated. If you get any such message then report it immediately to this email address [email protected]

In the tweet, PIB Fact Check has also shared the screenshot of the scam SMS. In this message, the customer is being told that their SBI bank account has been blocked. According to PBI, this whole process is fake. This is a type of phishing attack, where an attempt is made to cause financial harm to a user by taking his specific information. That’s why you should be careful with such messages.

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