Social Media influencers and celebrities may fine 50 lakhs rupees. Attention Influencers and celebrities may be fined 50 lakhs, government issued new guideline


Published: Jan 21, 2023 02:21:27 pm

To protect the rights and interests of customers, new guidelines have been issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs for social media influencers, in which the rules for promoting products in social media have been explained. Is. If someone violates it, they will have to pay a heavy fine.


Guidelines for Social Media Influencers: On YouTube and other online and social media platforms in the country, people buy a product after seeing its review, but later it is found that all the qualities mentioned are not present in it, due to which the consumers have to suffer. . But now advertising by lying on social media platforms can be costly. The Central Government has issued new guidelines for Social Media Influencers as well as companies.

Under these, now every celebrity or influencer promoting the product on the platform will have to tell that they have endorsed a product by taking money. Apart from this, it will also have to be told whether their financial interest is involved behind the endorsement or not. This new rule was implemented on Friday itself.

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