Spelunky 2 newbie’s information, ideas, and tips

Spelunky 2 beginner’s guide, tips, and tricks

Spelunky 2, like its predecessor, may have you cursing the sport dozens of occasions earlier than the top of your first play session. Whether you’re a veteran of the franchise or coming to the sequence for the primary time, put together to fulfill your finish … lots.

However, dying additionally provides you a chance to be taught one thing new that would assist you dwell longer and dive deeper into the sport. That’s as a result of every time you restart a run, new and distinctive stage layouts are procedurally generated. That means the one strategy to get good at Spelunky 2 is to be taught what hazards do, how enemies assault, and how one can navigate all the way in which to the underside, no matter stage format.

Spelunky 2 isn’t a straightforward recreation. It will take hours of observe to be taught the distinctive nature of every enemy and lure. In time, you’ll perceive how every risk impacts you, and also you’ll be higher outfitted to deal with them, no matter what configuration they might be in.

In this Spelunky 2 newbie’s information, we’ve assembled our greatest ideas and tips that can assist you last more every run. While solely expertise teaches the perfect classes, this information gives you a bonus from the beginning.

Each life is an experiment

Don’t anticipate to make any significant progress throughout your first few runs of Spelunky 2. Instead, deal with every life as an experiment.

If you encounter a brand new lure or enemy, strategy cautiously. You can attempt avoiding any new obstacles, or commit that run to understanding this new risk. If it’s a lure, get close to it to see what it does. Lure an enemy to the lure and see if it can set off. Better but, toss something at it and see what occurs.

A character in the caves of Spelunky 2

Image: Mossmouth, BlitWorks/Mossmouth through Polygon

When you encounter a brand new enemy, see how shut you will get earlier than it notices you. Then, as soon as it does, take note of the way it assaults. What angle of strategy does it take? Can you safely get rid of it together with your whip assault, are you able to leap on it to defeat it, or do you have to toss something at it? Risk ending your run to search out the solutions, in order that subsequent time you encounter them, you’ll know what to do.

Each run ought to be much less of a race to the underside and extra of an information-gathering session. How a lot are you able to find out about traps and enemies this time? The extra , the safer — and smarter — you’ll journey subsequent time. Once you are feeling assured that you just perceive the whims of all of the threats round you, solely then do you have to significantly enterprise additional into the sport.

Don’t go away the pet behind

In every run of Spelunky 2, you begin off with 4 hit factors and little alternative to regain misplaced well being. You may discover a pet that revitalizes you. (By default it’s a canine, however you may change it to a cat or chinchilla within the recreation’s settings.) If you make it to the exit together with your pal intact, it’ll offer you just a little kiss earlier than the subsequent stage, growing your well being by one level.

Finding the pet isn’t all the time simple, but it surely tries its finest that can assist you. As you make your means by every zone, you could finally hear it make noise — be it a bark, meow, or squeak. Follow the sound, and also you’ll discover it hidden in that stage. If you’re fortunate, you may safely stroll as much as it and seize it such as you would with some other object. Other occasions, you could want to make use of a bomb or rope.

The pug in Spelunky 2

Not solely are they cute, however they provide you well being!
Image: Mossmouth, BlitWorks/Mossmouth through Polygon

Once you begin carrying your pal, safely deliver it to the exit. Like you, the pet has a number of hit factors. It can die if it takes sufficient hits or it falls into an instant-kill hazard like spikes.

A brand new pal will seem within the subsequent space, whether or not you save the final one or not, which suggests you’re going to get a couple of alternative per run to achieve well being. A pet may even replenish your HP past the bottom 4 hit factors you begin with.

There are different methods to get well being in Spelunky 2 — see what occurs once you bomb a turkey, for instance — however the pets are essentially the most easy.

There’s all the time a logical path

Every time you begin a brand new Spelunky 2 run, all the format of every dungeon is robotically generated based mostly on a couple of guidelines.

Each stage all the time pulls from the identical provide of hazards, enemies, and particular circumstances. There will all the time be a definitive and direct path from the doorway to the exit of every room, too. That means you may (technically) get to the top of every stage with out having to make use of your ropes or bombs to make a inventive path downward.

A sloth stands on a sacrifice table in Spelunky 2

Image: Mossmouth, BlitWorks/Mossmouth through Polygon

If you ever attain a useless finish in your strategy to the underside, attempt going again the way in which you got here and search for a transparent path. There will all the time be one. Of course, the way in which ahead is perhaps crammed with monsters and booby traps, however so long as you know the way to take care of them, yow will discover a logical means down.

When doubtful, you may all the time use one in all your finite quantity of bombs and ropes to make your personal (doubtlessly safer) path.

When to make use of bombs and ropes

You begin every run with 4 bombs and 4 ropes. Be inventive with these instruments and make your personal paths.

Since provides of each are restricted, it’s finest to grasp when to make use of them. You may discover them on the market at outlets that randomly seem on every ground, however don’t depend on that occuring.


Bombs explode, destroying most every part round them and killing something of their blast radius. Bombs are an awesome instrument for creating shortcuts, liberating up hidden forex caught within the floor, and taking out pesky enemies.

They explode after a brief timer, so getting the appropriate placement is essential. If you crouch and hit the bomb button, you’ll do a brief toss and drop it close to the place you might be. Pressing a path and the bomb button will launch it in that path.

You ought to take care when utilizing bombs, however you must train further warning when utilizing them to make a path to succeed in a pet. Bombs kill pets.


Ropes launch upward from the place you’re standing and will let you climb them.

Use ropes to drag your self out of a useless finish, which can seem when you’re utilizing bombs.

Ropes are additionally helpful when you’re making an attempt to succeed in a greater vantage level and keep away from a lure by going above it. You may place a rope above a protracted drop to make a protected means down (as we do within the video above).

After you launch a rope, it takes a second for it to catch and unfurl. You can’t immediately save your self by tossing one whereas falling. However, when you set one up whereas leaping throughout a niche, you may then use it to climb down (as we additionally do above).

Always maintain one thing

In Spelunky 2, there’s little or no standing between you and dying. On offense, your whip is gradual and has horrible vary. However, every stage is affected by objects — even the useless our bodies of foes — that you would be able to benefit from.

Whether you select to make use of throwable objects defensively or offensively, all the time maintain onto one thing that you would be able to toss.

To choose up any merchandise, crouch down and press the work together button. You can maintain onto small objects like rocks, skulls, and pots indefinitely.

You can leap on or hit some enemies together with your whip and briefly knock them out. When they’re incapacitated, they’ll have just a little chicks swirling over their head. In this state, you may choose them up and throw them. If they get up, you’ll take harm. If an enemy takes an excessive amount of harm, they’ll be completely knocked out, and you may dangle onto them so long as you want.

An merchandise you’re holding additionally serves as a defend. For occasion, when you’re holding an enemy and an arrow lure shoots at you, it can hit what you’re holding as a substitute of you you.

An adventurer holds a rock in Spelunky 2

You ought to all the time have one thing you may toss.
Image: Mossmouth, BlitWorks/Mossmouth through Polygon

Throwables are nice for purposefully triggering traps and taking out enemies at a distance. You don’t have loads of defensive or offensive choices in Spelunky 2, however having an object to toss vastly will increase your possibilities of survival.

Always look forward (or down)

One of the simplest methods to finish a run is by leaping down a gap, sight unseen, and ricocheting off a number of enemies and hazards. Imagine making your strategy to a decrease stage with out taking precautions and immediately ending a run by falling right into a pit of spikes.

To keep away from this headache, all the time look earlier than you leap. Never transfer ahead or leap to a decrease space with out figuring out what’s forward of you. Always be conscious of traps and enemies.

When on the brink of leap to a decrease stage, crouch all the way down to look forward. Do it lengthy sufficient, and your digicam will dip down and offer you a preview of what’s under you. From there, you may safely make a plan for what’s subsequent.

Get that first shortcut open

You’ll need to survive many ranges to make it to the top of Spelunky 2. However, you don’t need to do all of them in a single run. If you full the primary 4 levels of the primary space, you’ll have the prospect to create a shortcut.

Mama Tunnel, aka Terra, talking about shortcuts in Spelunky 2

Bring the appropriate provides, get a shortcut
Image: Mossmouth, BlitWorks/Mossmouth through Polygon

To create shortcuts, attain the ultimate ground of a sure stage a number of occasions whereas additionally assembly a number of necessities, like bringing a sure amount of money or bombs. After assembly every requirement, a quick journey choice will open up within the beginning space that allows you to head on to the final shortcut you unlocked.

Unlocking the primary shortcut requires making it to the top of stage 1-4 3 times. The first time you make it there, you’ll must deliver $2,000. The subsequent time, you’ll must deliver a single bomb. To full the shortcut, you’ll want a whopping $10,000 in your final go to.

There are three shortcuts to unlock in Spelunky 2, with one showing on the finish of the primary space, the third space, and the fifth space.

Seriously, attempt co-op

The unique Spelunky supported co-op, however the sequel helps on-line co-op, which makes teaming up lots simpler. While taking part in in co-op requires a good bit of coordination, it really makes the sport a lot simpler due to the way in which it handles dying.

When one of many co-op gamers dies, they develop into a ghost that may float round and blow puffs of wind to knock objects off ledges. They may cost up a wind assault to unleash an ice beam blast, which may be tremendously useful to the still-living participant.

You may revive ghost gamers when you discover a coffin. While this may deliver them again, they’ll have little or no in the way in which of substances, so generally it’s finest to simply go away somebody as a useful ghost.

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