Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 1 retcons a key Jedi’s story

Star Wars: The Bad Batch episode 1 retcons a key Jedi’s story

Disney Plus’ new computer-animated Star Wars collection, The Bad Batch, continues the pattern of the interconnected galaxy. The 70-minute premiere, “Aftermath,” opens with the titular clone troopers, identified for his or her mutations and enhancements, going through a altering galactic order throughout and after the occasions of Revenge of the Sith. But with only a few scenes, the present’s affect reaches additional into the longer term.

[Ed. observe: The remainder of this story comprises spoilers for The Bad Batch episode 1.]

In their opening struggle, the Batch operatives cross into the tragic backstory of Jedi padawan Caleb Dume, who could also be only a supporting character within the collection’ story, however as followers of different Star Wars animated properties know, seems to be a significant participant. Caleb survives the Jedi-assassinating Order 66, and grows as much as be Kanan Jarrus, the instructor of younger Padawan Ezra Bridger on Star Wars Rebels.

Back in 2018, CinemaBlend requested Clone Wars government producer and Rebels creator Dave Filoni if Caleb/Kanan and his Master Depa Billaba, a background Jedi within the prequel trilogy, would ever make an look within the revived Clone Wars, which ended final May. Filoni answered, maybe teasingly, “It’s an exciting thought for sure, so who knows?” This manifested with Caleb’s and Depa’s holo-cameos within the final season of The Clone Wars. In The Bad Batch, the grasp and apprentice now have talking elements, voiced by Archie Panjabi and Freddie Prinze Jr., who returns to his Rebels position.

The Bad Batch state of affairs suits Kanan’s backstory as spoken in Rebels: Clone troopers shoot down Depa as he runs away. But the present additionally reconfigures and overrides the in depth canon within the 2015-2016 Marvel Star Wars: Kanan comics, written by Rebels author Greg Weisman with artwork by Pepe Larraz. A planet by the title of Kaller stays the location of Kanan’s tragedy, though it wasn’t snow-covered and the narrative omits his interplay with Kallerian civilization. Comic readers will discover extra main changes to the background of Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus.

Caleb’s relationship with clones

Caleb side-eyes Captain Grey the clone trooper in Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

By the time the Bad Batch seems on display, Caleb has constructed a rapport with Wrecker, the muscle of the group. But the previous’s historical past with different clone comrades is absent. A key ingredient of the Kanan comics was his friendship with two clones, Commander Grey and Captain Styles, who’re activated by mind chips to show their blasters on him and Billaba. In his green-streaked armor, Captain Grey (named ultimately credit) seems to be a composite of each.

Onscreen, Captain Grey is final seen being kicked unconscious by Billaba. Interestingly within the Marvel comics, Grey and Styles proceed their hunt of Caleb, then Grey fights his mind chip sufficient to have a second of tear-stricken lucidity and sacrifices himself and Styles to permit Caleb to flee.

Caleb will get a brand new do

In eight placing panels, the Kanan comedian depicted Caleb reducing off his Padawan braid and adopting a ponytail to enter hiding. It represented the relinquishing of his Jedi id and a ceremony of passage into a lifetime of crime. CGI-ed Padawan Caleb already wears a small ponytail.

Where is that holocron?

caleb/young kanan in bad batch

Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Before Order 66 is executed within the comedian, Caleb sat cosy by the fireplace and fiddling together with his grasp’s latest reward: a Jedi holocron, a cubic information container. The holocron omission feels evident as a result of it performs a task in Rebels. It comprises Obi-Wan Kenobi’s warning holo that instructs surviving Jedi to avoid the temple. It later falls into Maul’s arms (lengthy story) and is used to trace Kenobi on Tatooine.

Caleb was apart from his Master

The Bad Batch inadvertently whisks Caleb away from his grasp’s impending execution. But within the comedian, he’s proper beside Billaba when she orders him to run. The tv staging is much less violent. Billaba decapitating a soldier and Caleb being pressured to strike down his personal associates are omitted. She additionally doesn’t shout, “I’ll be right behind you,” an ominous line echoed in Rebels.

If Caleb doesn’t pop up once more in The Bad Batch, there’s presumably wriggle room for him to dwell out the remainder of the backstory specified by the 12-issue comics: Caleb beginning anew below the mentorship of the Kalleran Janus Kasmir, which might be years earlier than he would pair up with the insurgent Hera Syndulla in John Jackson Miller’s 2014 A New Dawn novel, the prequel to Rebels and the primary Star Wars novel below Disney’s canon.

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