Tamil Nadu Cabinet Approves ordinance to ban online gambling games in state

Tamil Nadu Cabinet Approves ordinance to ban online gambling games in state
New Delhi. Preparations are being made to ban Online Gambling Games i.e. online betting games. An ordinance has been passed in the Tamil Nadu cabinet to ban online gambling games. Now this ordinance will be signed by the governor and after that it will become a law and online gambling game will be banned.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has framed and passed this ordinance on the basis of a report prepared by a retired High Court Judge. 71-year-old retired High Court judge K Chandru submitted a report to the government in June 2022. In that report, the judge had told how online gambling games are having a bad effect on the children and youth of India.Retired judge had suggested to the government

The retired judge, after submitting his 71-page report, suggested the government to ban online gambling games. The government considered his suggestion and after studying the report presented by him, he also conducted surveys at different levels to find out how bad the impact of online games is and can be on our society. For this, the government surveyed schools, education department and through e-mail and collected all its information. These are some games on which the government can ban.

  • Rummy Culture
  • Junglee Games
  • Play Games24x7

However, apart from these, there are many such games, which the government can ban. On the basis of the report of the retired judge, the government conducted a survey and found that due to online gambling games like rummy culture, young people and children are committing suicides and the addiction of playing such games is becoming so much in the children that its Because of this their parents are drowning in debt. In such a situation, due to these games, the mental state of children as well as their parents is also affected.

Let us tell you that this is the second time that the Tamil Nadu government has tried to ban online games. Even before this, the government had applied for a ban on online games, which was rejected by the Madras High Court.

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