The Old Guard finish credit score scene sequel tease, defined by the author

The Old Guard end credit scene sequel tease, explained by the writer

The Old Guard, Netflix’s new motion drama about Charlize Theron main a squad of immortal mercenaries, isn’t precisely a superhero film. But it’s a comedian guide film, and so we will say that it’s following a time honored custom when it teases a sequel in a scene that pops up after the true ending of the film.

In case of sequel, break glass,” author Greg Rucka informed me after I requested concerning the fast coda originally of The Old Guard’s credit. “It’s very easy. You need one other one? Here’s a solution to get into it.”

But, Rucka cautioned, there was one more reason for the short apart. So let’s discover that purpose, and what could be subsequent for Theron’s Andromache the Scythian and her band of warriors.

[Ed. word: This piece incorporates spoilers for The Old Guard on Netflix, the graphic novel The Old Guard, and its sequel, The Old Guard: Force Multiplied.]

Marwan Kenzari as Joe, Matthias Schoenaerts as Booker, Charlize Theron as Andy, Luca Marinelli as Nicky, Kiki Layne as Nile in The Old Guard.

Photo: Aimee Spinks/Netflix

The closing scene of The Old Guard reveals that Quynh (Van Veronica Ngo), Andromache’s outdated immortal flame, continues to be alive and freed from her horrifying, underwater imprisonment. During the 17th century, Andy and Quynh have been captured and tried as witches in England. Andy was finally in a position to escape, however not earlier than Quynh was locked inside an iron maiden and thrown into the ocean — sentenced to perpetual drowning.

Andy and her allies have been by no means capable of finding the place Quynh had been left, and so they had assumed, or hoped, that she had finally died her closing dying. But within the final scene of The Old Guard film, Booker, exiled from the group, stumbles house drunk to his condo, solely to search out Quynh inside, consuming a glass of water as if she hadn’t had sufficient of the stuff 300 years in the past.

“Booker,” she says to the person who solely found his immortality within the 1800s, “It’s nice to finally meet you,” although it appears fairly clear she has no kindly intentions in direction of him.

Rucka, co-creator of The Old Guard comedian and screenwriter of the movie, says that his intentions weren’t nearly hinting at a sequel, however hinting that there are nonetheless extra issues that our immortal heroes don’t learn about their very own historical past.

“We wanted to say ‘Look, the mythology is bigger than you think it is. There is more going on,” he informed Polygon. “That was one thing that I had little interest in exploring within the comedian, however I believe once you’re making a film you’re just a little extra obligated to at the least promise solutions to questions. […] In the primary [The Old Guard] story, I didn’t need to waste time or actual property, as a result of comedian guide pages — that’s your premium, that’s what you’re spending to inform the story.”

But Rucka and artist Leandro Fernández have explored what occurs after the tip of The Old Guard on Netflix, of their comedian guide sequel to The Old Guard, The Old Guard: Force Multiplied. So for those who’d prefer to know extra about what Quynh does subsequent — and the way she’s just a little totally different than within the comedian — learn on!

Booker points a gun at Noriko in The Old Guard: Force Multiplied #1, Image Comics (2020). “You are Sebastien Le Livre. Known as Booker,” she says, “Where are the others?”

Image: Greg Rucka, Leandro Fernández/Image Comics

What’s the story of Quynh within the Old Guard comics?

The film The Old Guard is essentially the identical because the comedian guide, however Quynh’s story has some vital variations. For one factor, her identify is Noriko, and he or she’s Japanese, moderately than Vietnamese — these particulars have been modified on request from her actor, Veronica Ngo.

“When Veronica was cast, she said I’m not Japanese, I’m Vietnamese,” Rucka informed Polygon. “[Director Gina Prince-Bythewood] reached out to me and stated ‘Can we accommodate that?’ and I used to be like, ‘Absolutely.’ […] Noriko turns into Quynh, Quynh is now Vietnamese. It actually was so simple as desirous to honor that, and be respectful of that. There was no different intelligent or nefarious, Oh, possibly there can be a Noriko within the subsequent one.”

The different large distinction is in her dying. In the comedian, Quynh/Noriko is washed overboard throughout a storm moderately than intentionally drowned. According to Rucka, that was partially a logistical change to save cash.

“This isn’t the first feature film I’ve had something to do with,” he informed Polygon, “but it’s certainly the first time that I’ve written a screenplay and they’ve actually made it. And, yes, it was pointed out to me, at one point, that should we want to do the sea sequence properly, we were talking in the neighborhood of millions of dollars just for that alone. And Netflix could go and make one or two really good movies with that money, and this would be a minute and a half on screen, so perhaps we could come up with something else?”

But Quynh’s new “death,” solidified by Prince-Bythewood’s suggestion of the iron maiden imagery, served an necessary narrative and tonal function as effectively.

“[It’s a sequence that] highlighted just how awful people can be,” Rucka stated. “In fact, it is one of the most horrible sadistic things I can imagine doing to anybody.”

“That is what we are, my heart,” Noriko tells Andromache, “Not made to help them, but to hurt them. Our purpose is to make them suffer.” In The Old Guard: Force Multiplied, Image Comics (2020).

Image: Greg Rucka, Leandro Fernández/Image Comics

What occurs within the Old Guard sequel comedian?

The Old Guard on Netflix doesn’t give us any trace of why Quynh has proven up in Booker’s condo. But in The Old Guard: Force Multiplied, we get to know why. Quynh has been deeply twisted by her underwater ordeal, and now bears an intense hatred for humanity.

“I think what Veronica does with the one line she has sends chills down the spine,” Rucka informed Polygon. “And the truth that she’s pouring herself a glass of water. You sort of go, OK, the lights are on, however no person’s in that home anymore.”

The fascinating aspect impact of the identical author writing the unique comedian, the screenplay, and the comedian’s sequel, is that the dialogue between comedian and film has gone each methods. Rucka picked up concepts that have been developed in the course of the screenwriting course of, and poured them again into the comedian guide sequel, which — if The Old Guard does get a sequel — will doubtless get poured proper again into the film.

For instance, there are revelations on the finish of the film that don’t occur within the comedian — the immortals don’t discover out that each life they save finally results in big constructive dividends for all of humanity till Force Multiplied. But there’s additionally stuff within the comedian’s sequel that don’t make it into the film, like Quynh/Noriko’s motivations.

Quynh/Noriko imagine that she and Andy and all of the others been made immortal to make humanity undergo, not to reserve it. And she desires Andy to affix her once more, each as her lover, and in her quest to make humanity undergo.

As for what occurs when Andy and Quynh/Noriko really go face to face? We can’t say for sure, as a result of, because of coronavirus delays, the ultimate difficulty of The Old Guard: Force Multiplied has but to be launched. But for those who actually need to discover out what occurs subsequent, decide up the 4 present problems with Force Multiplied, and get #5 when it hits cabinets on July 15.

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