The Real Killer Clown That Inspired AHS’ Twisty – True Fiction

The Real Killer Clown That Inspired AHS’ Twisty - True Fiction

For some clowns imply huge smiles, floppy ft, and lapel adornments that spray water into your face unexpectedly. For others, nonetheless, the sight of make-up adorned youngsters’s entertainers is traumatic. When it involves phobias, clowns are surprisingly widespread. At the very least, a large number of folks will agree that there is one thing unsettling about them.

This, in some half, has to do with the fiction that surrounds them. Whether it is Pennywise from Stephen King’s It or Twisty from American Horror Story (a more moderen, however equally scary entry into the pantheon of killer circus performers), media has strengthened the concept clowns ought to be feared. It’s no marvel then, that they exist as a terror to each youngsters and adults.

But the place did this worry of clowns come from? Well, it truly got here from a really actual, very horrific string of murders perpetrated by a person in a clown costume.

In this episode of True Fiction, Kurt Indovina digs into probably the most infamous murderous clown of all of them, real-life serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Speaking to Ryan, Greg, and Lucy from the GameSpot Universe group, he delves into the life and crimes of Gacy, explores how he impacted horror fiction, influenced our worry of clowns.

For extra True Fiction, head over to the YouTube playlist, the place you may discover episodes on Twin Peaks, Jackie Chan, Star Wars, and extra.

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