The subsequent technology of all the pieces: The largest micro-trends of 2021

The next generation of everything: The biggest micro-trends of 2021

The expertise of being on-line in 2021, and even Extremely Online, usually makes us cease and ask, “Wait, individuals are doing what now?”

Every day, new micro-trends emerge, solely to develop into previous information within the subsequent 5 minutes. Remember sea shanties on TikTok? The viral second might as effectively have occurred 10 billion years in the past.

It’s unimaginable to maintain up with all of it, nevertheless it’s a thrill to attempt. In this assortment of tales, Polygon investigates the traits which are getting ready to blowing up within the worlds and fandoms we observe. We’ve additionally tapped some embedded consultants and plugged-in denizens to jot down about what they’ve observed of their respective corners of the web.

Read quick. These traits will self-destruct in 10… 9…

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