Three Destiny 2 characters are seemingly killed off in a lore ebook

Three Destiny 2 characters are seemingly killed off in a lore book

On Tuesday, Bungie launched the second half of Destiny 2: Season of Arrival’s last Exotic quest. Earlier within the season, gamers ready a number of the sport’s older locations to enter the Destiny Content Vault and depart the sport when Bungie launches Destiny 2: Beyond Light on Nov. 10. On Sept. 8, gamers helped evacuate the remaining belongings on Mars, Mercury, Titan, and Io. But not all people made it out alive.

These 4 planets are a number of the oldest in Destiny 2, getting into the sport within the Red War marketing campaign at launch or throughout the sport’s first two expansions in early 2018. And like each planet in Destiny 2, every of the evacuated planets had their very own vendor character, every with their very own story to inform and historical past. But of the 4 planetary NPCs gamers assist in the Evacuation quest, just one appears to outlive.

[Spoiler warning: this submit comprises spoilers for a lore ebook presently accessible inside Destiny 2. If you haven’t learn Duress and Egress and wish to, we advocate you achieve this earlier than studying this submit]

During the hunt, gamers earned a brand new lore ebook in-game known as Duress and Egress. And three of the ebook’s chapters reveal the destiny of Sloane, Asher Mir, and Brother Vance.

Asher Mir

Asher was the seller on Io, a crusty, outdated Warlock compelled to switch one in all his authentic arms with that of a Vex Goblin. When the Darkness — the enormous pyramid ships presently invading every of the disappearing worlds — reaches Io, Asher decides to try to combat again relatively than depart.

The Asher: Conclusion chapter reveals Asher Mir descending into the Pyramidion — an enormous Vex construction that additionally serves as a Strike in-game. He strikes previous traps acquainted to Guardians who’ve plunged the depths lots of of occasions within the final three years. And believing that the Darkness first got here to Io seeking secrets and techniques hidden contained in the Pyramidion, Asher collapses the construction in on himself, burying its secrets and techniques and, presumably, killing himself within the course of.

Commander Sloane

Sloane was one in all Zavala’s most trusted Titans, and the Guardian vendor on one in all Jupiter’s moons, additionally known as Titan. She was one of many first Guardians gamers met in Destiny 2, working into her and Zavala a brief methods into the Red War marketing campaign. Like Asher, she determined to remain behind and combat the Darkness, relatively than retreat.

In the Sloane: Riastrad chapter, Commander Sloane wraps her physique in a high-tech go well with of armor. After interfacing with the go well with, she learns to regulate it, and rushes off to combat a one-woman battle in opposition to the Hive and the Darkness. The story doesn’t explicitly say that Sloane perishes in her battle. But primarily based on what we all know in regards to the Darkness, one Guardian — even a really highly effective Guardian — can’t final lengthy on their very own. It reads extra as a noble, last cost than successful.

Brother Vance

Brother Vance shouldn’t be a Guardian, and he was by no means a lot of an ally both. Brother Vance was a fan-boy and the seller on Mercury. Obsessed with the mythical Warlock Osiris, and chief of his cult/fan-club, Vance initially met the Guardians because the Trials of Osiris vendor within the authentic Destiny. But because the Darkness threatens to envelop Mercury, Brother Vance decides to wade into the planet’s Infinite Forest to search out Osiris, his idol, relatively than return to the Tower empty handed.

In the Vance: Passeri chapter, we observe Brother Vance into the Infinite Forest for the primary time. It’s a psychedelic take a look at the portal of infinite area and time, seen by way of the blind eyes of a non-Guardian. But as Vance explores what he’s at all times wished to know, he finds what appears to be one other model of himself within the Forest. The two battle, and the chapter ends. Vance finds himself in what appears to be a Paradox, killing or being killed by a future or previous model of himself.

Of all of the tales, Sloane’s is essentially the most open, with Brother Vance strolling away useless or injured, and Asher crushed beneath the rock. The solely survivor is Ana Bray, who returns to the Tower with the stays of Rasputin, the Warmind, likely trapped inside an Exo. It’s presently unclear if we’ll ever hear from Asher, Sloane, or Brother Vance once more, however Ana and Rasputin will play a serious position within the subsequent few years of Destiny 2’s story.

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