Treasure Planet was a visionary field workplace bomb for Disney

Treasure Planet was a visionary box office bomb for Disney

Your favourite childhood film may’ve been a complete box-office dud. The animated motion pictures that outlined the late ’90s and early 2000s are beloved by a technology that grew up watching them on VHS, however many of those nostalgic favorites have been important failures, box-office disappointments, or each. What went fallacious alongside the way in which? And why did they acquire such love after the very fact? The Beloved Animated Failures sequence is out to mud off these outdated VHS tapes (or, extra precisely, discover the films on streaming) and study a few of these movies.

In the early 2000s, Disney struggled to seek out its footing. The studio wished to shed the formulation that had introduced it glory within the ’90s: the sweeping Disney Renaissance musical that was not getting the anticipated huge response on the field workplace. As early as 1999’s Tarzan, Disney was attempting one thing totally different, although determining simply what kind of totally different would attraction to audiences proved to be a problem — not only for Disney, however throughout the business.

Disney administrators Ron Clements and John Musker had pitched the thought for 2002’s Treasure Planet way back to 1985, however they weren’t capable of get it greenlit till this era of Disney experimentation. While they needed to battle for his or her imaginative and prescient, they’d earned some clout because the filmmakers behind The Little Mermaid, which catapulted Disney out of its earlier stoop and into its Renaissance years. Treasure Planet, sadly, didn’t make a splash on the field workplace. But practically 20 years later, it captures a stage of visible marvel and early 2000s tradition that endears it to the followers who grew up with it.

jim on the rigging of the ship

Image: Disney

What it’s about

Treasure Planet is principally an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s traditional pirate story … however in house! Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a little bit older and a little bit extra rebellious than his e book counterpart when he discovers a treasure map in a mechanical orb, resulting in the mysterious Treasure Planet, the place infamous pirate Nathaniel Flint stashed his loot of a thousand worlds. Working as a cabin boy aboard a ship, Jim bonds with gruff prepare dinner Long John Silver, who has his personal treasure-hunting scheme.

captain amelia smollet staring at the treasure map

Image: Disney

Slightly backstory…

Treasure Planet was a ardour undertaking from the beginning. Clements got here up with the thought, pulling Musker on board after their work collectively on 1986’s The Great Mouse Detective, and he pitched it as Treasure Island in Space in the identical assembly the place he and Clements pitched The Little Mermaid. Disney CEO Michael Eisner stated no to the Treasure Island in Space thought, as a result of there was allegedly a Star Trek sequel with a Treasure Island angle within the works. He additionally stated no to Mermaid due to Splash, however studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg known as Clements up the following day and informed him to develop that pitch a little bit extra. Lo and behold, The Little Mermaid was born, and it ushered in a strong 10 years of Disney box-office gold.

After The Little Mermaid’s success, Clements and Musker re-pitched Treasure Planet a second time, and Katzenberg informed them no. After Aladdin, they tried a 3rd time, and once more, Katzenberg refused. Upset, they determined to go on to Roy E. Disney, then chairman of the Walt Disney Company, who had beforehand ousted Ron Miller as CEO, and would later arrange the ousting of Michael Eisner.

Roy E. Disney had two essential traits that may lend issue into his approval of Treasure Planet: an eye fixed for modern but dangerous initiatives (Fantasia 2000, one other box-office flop, was his ardour undertaking) and a powerful dislike of Jeffrey Katzenberg. He backed Musker and Clements, interesting to Eisner.

And when it got here time to resume their contract in 1995, Musker and Clements — who have been being headhunted by the rising animation studios at DreamWorks and Warner Bros. — agreed to stick with Disney Animation on the promise that it will lastly take up the movie they’d been pushing for a decade. (One factor that helped their negotiation: Katzenberg, who’d by no means been a giant fan of the idea, had left to start out DreamWorks.)

jim and long john silver looking shocked

Image: Disney

What went fallacious

Treasure Planet bombed on the field workplace, grossing simply over $109 million worldwide in opposition to its reported $140 million funds. The Los Angeles Times listed it as one of the crucial costly box-office flops of all time. When Disney realized simply how badly the film was doing, the studio adjusted its annual earnings projection and scrapped the film’s deliberate sequel.

Unlike within the case of one other beloved sci-fi failure, The Iron Giant, there isn’t a transparent cause-and-effect for Treasure Planet’s downward trajectory. It garnered strong opinions, rounding out at 69% on Rotten Tomatoes. Treasure Planet was nominated for the second ever Best Animated Feature Academy Award, alongside 2002’s different Disney flick, Lilo & Stitch. (Both misplaced out to Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, which, like, truthful.)

Perhaps it has one thing to do with the truth that Treasure Planet opened up alongside Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Pottermania was in full-force swing, and a sequel to a well-established property was a safer wager than a wacky steampunk house journey. Arguably on the time, audiences have been on the lookout for swanky CG movies, after the success of Pixar movies like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. and DreamWorks’ Shrek, however that reductions that Disney’s cel-animated film Lilo & Stitch had made financial institution earlier that 12 months. But these are simply small elements within the general scenario, which has extra to do with a battle of shifting viewers tastes.

After the diminishing returns of Disney’s personal motion pictures like Pocahontas and Hercules — together with the failures of copycats like A Quest for Camelot — it was clear that audiences have been rising bored with Disney’s sweeping coming-of-age musicals tinged with fantasy overtones. But what did they need? Previous entries on this sequence examined The Emperor’s New Groove and The Iron Giant, which represented two totally different paths branching out from the Disney Renaissance formulation: comedies like The Emperor’s New Groove and The Road to El Dorado performed up bodily humor and one-line zingers, or slid grownup humor underneath the radar. And action-adventure motion pictures like The Iron Giant, Treasure Planet, and Titan A.E. shed the musical parts of the Disney formulation, however stored the speculative style.

Lilo & Stitch, Disney’s different 2002 film, is simply as bizarre and out-there as Treasure Planet. Aliens crash-landing in Hawaii spotlight a narrative a few lonely 6-year-old raised by her teenage sister. It’s simply as removed from the Disney musical formulation as Treasure Island in Space. But Lilo & Stitch’s advertising targeted on its humor, and the thought of this very cute alien dismantling Disney expectations — despite the fact that the precise movie doesn’t interrogate that. But after the success of Shrek, which oozes cynical Disney metacommentary in each second of the film, that form of self-aware side-eye turned the norm. Modern Disney motion pictures additionally undertake this tone, whether or not it’s Maui rolling his eyes and calling Moana a princess, or the Disney-website schtick in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

While this period’s science-fiction action-adventure motion pictures shifted the visuals of the Disney Renaissance formulation, they have been nonetheless earnest heroic adventures, following heroes who rose as much as the event and saved the day. Treasure Planet matches this to a T. Its trailers and marketing targeted on the cool world to discover, and Jim Hawkins coming into his personal as a hero. Apparently, that’s exactly what audiences have been tiring of.

jim on his solar surfer

Image: Disney

Why we adore it immediately

Like Tarzan and An Extremely Goofy Movie earlier than it, Treasure Planet performed off late-’90s and early-2000s skater tradition. But Treasure Planet turned the skateboard right into a mechanical contraption that soared by means of the air. Jim himself was modified from a poor child to a rebellious teenager, one thing author Terry Rossio argued alienated audiences. While seeing a teenage Jim in the identical precarious conditions as a baby Jim doesn’t essentially elicit the identical alarm, Jim’s moody adolescence and his excellent veneer of teenage angst made him interesting when the youngsters who might have missed the film in theaters disregarded the outdated DVDs as angsty tweens.

Here, Jim is a insurgent with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s voice, a coronary heart of gold, an outsized jacket he can’t fairly develop into, one single dangling earring, and a little bit ponytail that may make Attack of the Clones-era Anakin Skywalker jealous — all parts that make him completely crushable. There aren’t many Disney teenage dangerous boys with secret mushy sides, so the closest comparability might be Kovu from The Lion King 2, who’s amassed his personal passionate web fanbase. But childhood crushes apart, teenage Jim Hawkins’ abandonment points strengthen the bond between him and Long John Silver, and offers Treasure Planet one of the crucial early-2000s montage scenes of all time: the “I’m Still Here” sequence, which has among the film’s most epic visuals, mixed with a rocking Goo Goo Dolls track.

Aside from getting older Jim up, Treasure Planet doesn’t do something drastically totally different with the general plot of its supply materials, and that’s okay. Treasure Island is a timeless journey story, and the rhythm of its plot works nicely. Treasure Island’s huge beats — the pirates, Long John Silver, the treasure — stay the identical in Treasure Planet. The adjustments are available in smaller, superficial methods, altering among the minor characters to make them extra attention-grabbing, then tossing your complete story right into a fantastical house world.

It’s the latter that makes Treasure Planet so dang memorable. To be clear, Treasure Planet isn’t the primary Treasure Island But In Space retelling on the market. (That’s the 1987 Italian and German miniseries Treasure Island in Outer Space.) But as an alternative of approaching the outer-space setting within the stark, metallic manner of traditional science-fiction like Star Trek and even giving it a Space Western veneer, Treasure Planet blends the aesthetic of 19th-century pirate-adventure tales with the wonders of house, for a visually beautiful steampunk fusion. The spaceships in Treasure Planet are precise crusing ships that soar by way of photo voltaic wind in an atmosphere-filled outer house filled with comets, nebulas, and ginormous house whales.

jim looking at some of the space whales

Image: Disney

Treasure Planet’s manufacturing staff adopted a 70% conventional, 30% science-fiction strategy to each the film’s visible environment and its soundtrack. The result’s sweeping spacescapes infused with the nice and cozy parts of early-20th-century storybook illustrations, a hovering nautical orchestral rating juxtaposed with electrical guitar riffs, and eclectic aliens carrying Victorian-inspired buckles and belts — a hodgepodge of eclectic selections fused in a shocking manner.

Treasure Planet’s visible finesse is due partially to the very fact it took practically twenty years to get into manufacturing. The film blends CG animation with conventional cel animation, one thing many animation administrators of the period tried their hand at doing. While it’s not at all times excellent, the consequence seems extra cohesive with the general look of the film due to the setting and style. A CG-looking ship in the course of 15th-century-set The Road to El Dorado, as an example, seems extra manifestly out-of-place than it does in the course of a science-fiction journey.

“Had we made the film 17 years ago, we couldn’t have made the film that we actually did,” Musker stated in a 2002 interview with SciFi. “We would have simplified [Silver’s computer-animated] arm and we wouldn’t have shots where you could fly in. So we’re actually sort of happy that we did wait for technology to sort of catch up with us.”

jim and silver chasing a comet

Image: Disney

This mix of conventional and science-fiction design parts, conventional and pc animation, places Treasure Planet in a visible class like no different Disney film. It’s one of many studio’s most visually attractive movies, and definitely one which successfully makes use of its medium to push style boundaries. Even probably the most attractive earlier Disney motion pictures — the meticulously rendered cathedral in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the sweeping savannah of The Lion King, the ballroom in Beauty and the Beast — have been rooted in some actuality, some style expectations. Treasure Planet, in the meantime, took to the celebrities and created a world by no means seen in an animated movie earlier than.

Writer Rob Edwards stated that the purpose was to make the story as thrilling to youngsters as the unique e book was again in 1883. Maybe hesitant adults shopping for tickets didn’t get it, however the youngsters who later caught up with it at house knew {that a} pirate ship hovering in a lush, alive outer house, or Jim Hawkins solar-surfing to save lots of the day, have been thrilling and funky.

Treasure Planet was a misfire, one of many final entries within the short-lived action-adventure and science-fiction pivot of animation within the early 2000s, which by no means fairly discovered a footing. Had it succeeded, maybe the following 10 years of animation would’ve shifted to a special tone. But because it stands, Treasure Planet is a visible delight, a time capsule of the early 2000s in a manner that maybe no different animated film of the period is. It boldly, unapologetically pushes the visible limits of style expectation in a manner no Disney film has since.

Treasure Planet is at present streaming on Disney Plus.

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