How to upgrade your Android phone?

Want a newer software? We all want a new phone. However, the progress of smartphones goes so slowly that there is no guarantee that your new phone will be better than your previous phone. So perhaps a better way is to upgrade the phone you have. but how? We tell you why and how ...
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How to remove Shortcut Virus from Your PC and USB Drive

Virus is one of the main problem a Windows PC user always find a very hard time avoiding. And in a situation where you use your pen drive or any other removable storage device on public computers or any other PC without a  antivirus, then there is a great chance your ...
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Xiaomi MIUI 8 Tips n Tricks and Hidden features

MIUI, the custom Android user interface used by the Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi recently received a major update of MIUI 8. While this popular Android variant has always offered a good quality and quantity of features over stock Android, the list grew even further with the latest version. There are ...
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