Twitter Blue new annual subscription plan launched to get blue tick. Twitter Blue’s annual subscription plan launched, verification checkmark will be available for Rs.


locationsNew DelhiPublished: Jan 19, 2023 03:28:42 pm

Twitter Blue’s New Annual Subscription Plan: The new annual plan of Twitter Blue Subscription Service launched to get Blue Verification Tick on Twitter has been launched recently. With this plan, now to get blue tick, payment will have to be made only once a year.


Twitter Blue new annual plan

Ever since the purchase of Elon Musk’s social media platform Twitter, many changes have been seen in it and many new features as well. One of these features is Twitter Blue. Under Twitter’s subscription-based service Twitter Blue, users get the official blue checkmark/tick on paying a fixed fee per month. Its monthly fee is $ 8 (Rs 650) on the web version of Twitter and $ 11 (Rs 895) on iOS. Recently Twitter has launched a new annual plan of this service.

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