Valorant Elderflame dragon pores and skin animations and upgrades

Valorant Elderflame dragon skin animations and upgrades

Like lots of Valorant’s different pores and skin traces, the brand new Elderflame skins have quite a lot of upgrades that gamers can select to unlock. Since these skins are probably the most sophisticated and elaborate within the recreation, it’s not a shock that the upgrades, which embrace issues like new animations, sound results, and finishers, are fairly intense as properly.

Each of those upgrades will possible need to be bought from the Valorant in-game retailer for Radianite Points. It’s not clear how a lot these upgrades will price, however earlier pores and skin upgrades price both 10 or 15 Radianite Points every. Each improve stage for the person skins is barely completely different, however every of the weapons has at the least one improve you may get.

Here all a few of the upgrades out there for Valorant’s Elderflame skins for the Vandal, Operator, Judge, Frenzy, and knife.

Valorant Elderflame pores and skin upgrades

Vandal stage 1

Vandal stage 2

Vandal stage 3

Vandal stage 4

Knife stage 2

Operator stage 1

Operator stage 2

Operator stage 3

Operator stage 4

Judge stage 1

Judge stage 2

Judge stage 3

Judge stage 4

Frenzy stage 4

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